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LiFe Is ToO sHoRt…

Somethings I totally agree too 🙂




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Thatz the View (from my Window)

Hell yesh…

Thatz currently the view from my Window…..  😍 😍 😍




😍 🌙 😍 🌙 😍 🌙 😍 🌙 😍 🌙 😍

Lovely naah ??

I just ADORE Channaa..!!
I think I should close laptop, enjoy the view and sleep while enjoyng the view…

GudNite sleepers… Zzzz…zzz well 🙂

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Happiness Is More Important Than Smile..!!
Because Smile Comes From Lips,
But Happiness Comes From Heart…..
A quote so True….

This post will show some amazingly Happy Kids… Must watch the innocence on their faces and you can see their Pure hearts…Let us be pure from within too,

We are never old for giving a BIG SMILE….
We are never old for making someone HAPPY….
We are never old for behaving like a kid, with kids…
Bring the young child in you out today, do something special/unusual what you did as a Child..!!

Waiting to hear , if anyone wants to share.. What special they did.. 😄🎈🎈

Let me be the first one to start this Epidemic.. And show me, from here till where you people can take this..
And don’t forget to SMILE from within..!!
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Just like that 🙂


I fear too much,

I fear to less..

I fear to get into a Bigger mess..

I fear to lie,

I fear to Guess..

I fear to tell,

I fear to Hide..

I fear to sit,

I fear to Ride..

I fear a fear of not having you beside,

Because that day all Memories will be erased from my Mind..!!


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My DaD..!!

My Dad is not strongest,
yet he helped me to walk straight whenever I fell.

My Dad is not richest,
         yet he gave me everything I ever demanded for.

My Dad is not joker,
         yet he helped me smile whenever I was sad.

My Dad is not my best friend,
         yet he is everywhere whenever I need him.

My Dad is not so handsome,
         yet he is the first man I fell in love with.

My Dad is not young,
         yet he understand my anger and mood swings.

My Dad is not a teacher,
         yet he try to teach me as much of life as he can.

My Dad is not the best dad,

         yet he just Perfect for me..!!

I dunno, where…what.. I will be without my Papa..!!
He is the pillar of our house..
The light in our darkest time..
A pillow for a hard surface..
A companion when we need to talk..

Love you loads Papa.. 🙂 🙂
Sorry for all the mistakes….
Thanks for understanding and forgiving them every time 🙂
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