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Did you know ??


Sometimes, you have so many things to be said.. but words aren’t enough..
And we, The Writers have a different way of saying nothing yet everything.. Below poem depicts the same emotion..

Searching through the Dictionary to find the word to say…
Perfectly arranged to make your sadness go away..
Did you know that I’m here for u each n every day..??

Searching through the Dictionary to find the word to write…
Perfectly arranged to make you Smile through the Night..
Did you know that in the end everything will be Alright..??

Searching through the Dictionary to find the word to speak…
Perfectly arranged to make sure you never feel Week..
Did you know that I’ll wipe the tear from your Cheek..??

Searching through the Dictionary to find the word to Rhyme…
Perfectly arranged to make your Spirits Climb..
Did you know that I’m by your side for a Lifetime..??

P.S. Not written by me ^_^
P.S. This is my 50th Post 😀

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I read our old chats ‘AGAIN’..!!


Well most of the time, it happens with me..
That at same time I am surrounded by many people at once..
And suddenly, there is no one around..

Not just once…twice..thrice… and it has happened to me 1000000th times may be..
Suddenly all the people I know, go..disappear..back off from me..
I don’t know the reason..

And so I very frequently go back…to the time, we were talking…chatting..having good time together..
All those moments are captured in the chats/pings/messages we exchanged…
All those times when I said you to sleep, and u said no..
All those times when I asked u , if u had your lunch/dinner.. and u said no..

All that we had is/was wonderful.. then where did it go suddenly..??
All that I said, was so true.. then why didn’t u got its meaning..??
All that I felt from u side was so pure.. then why didn’t we headed in the same direction..??

Why we are no more friends now..
Why don’t u call me now..
Why don’t u message me now..
Why don’t we chat now..
Why don’t I look forward for the day now,like I used to..

And the questions will be unanswered forever..

All I know now is, that people are meant to be lonely.. May be not today..just this moment, but someday..
I have been been with people and still feel alone for so long. That now, being with people means nothing to me I guess. But being alone surely HURTS a LOT..!!

Its hurts not to talk to someone u used to talk..
It hurts not to see them, like you used to..
It hurts that you are not center of there life anymore..

Because time change..
Circumstances change..
People change..
Fate change..
And moreover.. ‘Our TASTE Change’ …

And I just don’t like Changes..

I know people might like this post boring..or some might thing what a loser girl she is..
But believe me, I have been in this position now for a week.. Have written so much, still So much needs to be shared.
So thought of finally posting one of THE DAY’s of my life..
where I go back.. and read the CHATS with my friends…


Loneliness is a good feeling when it is created by Our self..

But it is the Worst feeling when it is gifted by others…