Tick-Tock : Detonate : DPChallenge

After so long I am taking part in DPChallenge.

Word of the day is Detonate

She laid down at her bed,
thoughts of him over her mind.
Pillow beside her,
Sheets wrapped around.

Mad to think,
he would be home soon.
His work was more important
than her passion for love.

Her love was like a time bomb,
ticking every second,
tocking every moment.

All she needed was a detonator,
to stop feeling such a passion
for a man, who doesn’t value her love.

^_^ mpsn

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Mothers Day ’14


Today is the day we pay…

A little Tribute to them, who has seen us in our good..bad..senti..mental..funny moods..

A little Tribute to them, who gave us the strength of being a good person in this Big Bad world..

A little Tribute to them, who cried for us from the very first cry of ours..

A little Tribute to them, who gave us the courage to face anything..anywhere..

A little Tribute to them, whom we call Maa..Mom…Mommy..Mummaa..Mummy..A Friend.. Daddi.. Nanii.. Bua.. Massii.. Chachi.. Sister(turned into a maa now) ..

A tribute to those lovely ladies who travel in and out of our mind whole day.. Still happily stands in the kitchen to prepare our night supper…

Happy Mothers day to your Maa too.. ^_^

with luv,

..smilempsn.. 🙂 🙂 ..


Happiness Is More Important Than Smile..!!
Because Smile Comes From Lips,
But Happiness Comes From Heart…..
A quote so True….

This post will show some amazingly Happy Kids… Must watch the innocence on their faces and you can see their Pure hearts…Let us be pure from within too,

We are never old for giving a BIG SMILE….
We are never old for making someone HAPPY….
We are never old for behaving like a kid, with kids…
Bring the young child in you out today, do something special/unusual what you did as a Child..!!

Waiting to hear , if anyone wants to share.. What special they did.. 😄🎈🎈

Let me be the first one to start this Epidemic.. And show me, from here till where you people can take this..
And don’t forget to SMILE from within..!!

My mOOd sWinGs…

My mOOd sWinGs...

Sometimes I dunno…….when..what..where..how.. I will react to a situation…
Since 4 years, I have started feeling Happy…Sad..and Confused at same time..

Trying to be happy when I am sad..Makes me more Confused..
Trying to be sad when I am happy..Makes me wonder Why Am I behaving that ways…

No one to be blamed…Nothing to be shared..!!
As I only Dunno….when..what..where..n how.. will I react……



but not ready to mingle..

Now-a-days all I hear from people are.. One is that they are getting engaged… Or Getting Married…

I mean… uff.ff.. Growing up just to get married.. Not fare..

I am proud to be Single.. But not ready to Mingle right now.. There is lots n lots of places that are to be covered.. lots n lots of work to be done…

But these thoughts will be just thoughts one the Top Name Marriage List will be having my name….

hmm.. sometimes thinking getting married is gOOd.. but then all gOOd things have a END..!! so why to start the gOOd experience at first place only 😛

I mean I am not against marriage.. But I don’t wanna do it.. that too RIGHT NOW..!! 😉

Just Happy ^-^


Well I totally have this funda ….
When all the people in world want to be on the TOP of a position… Get Increments… Appraisals… Job Change… Girl Friend…Boy Friend…Love..Wealth…Popular…

I just want to be Happy..!!

Because what usually people forget is, after they get what they want yet they would need more.
A person who is not Happy in his current state (of mind) , he cannot be Happy anywhere else… 🙂 🙂

Well many come and say, its lot easier to cry in a BMW instead of crying on a bicycle. So a reply to all those people are, if we think that we will ‘CRY’ for sure….then even BWM cannot make you happy ever…!!