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The Dark Lord Clementine


Book : The Dark Lord Clementine
Author : Sarah Jean Horwitz
Pages : 336

The Wizard of Oz meets Harry Potter, magical journey.


The story revolves around Clementine, who has been groomed to be a Dark Lord since birth. Not quiet yet dark lord, she comes face to face with challenges when the curse on her father current Dark Lord, Elithor sees the daylight.
Slowly and steadily losing the power of being a Dark Lord and a father, Elithor shuts himself out and Clementine is left alone with the farm, animals, scarecrows, poisonous apple on Castle Brack.

Until one day, she decides to do something which, according to her father is not how a Dark Lord should act. She finds friends, or maybe she thought they were friends till the real face of her and others come out.

What is the curse ?
Will Dark Lord Elithor, over come the curse?
or will Clementine step up and be the new Dark Lord?

For all these answers you need to read this book.


I love middle-grade books, especially those who has magic and fantasy world.
This is my first book from authoress Sarah Jean Horwitz, and I like her writing. It was flowing, and even though there were past & present stories shift the shift was swift and easily follow-able.

So many things in the book reminded me of The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter, due to the magic, the land, dark lord, evil witches and so many other things. And it is in a good way.
There is magic, there are unicorns, there is friendship and there is a bit of love.

This story is about a twelve year girl, who has been shown a path since birth, but as she is living that journey she isn’t sure if she can be The One.

I loved how weather got changed with the emotional state of people living on the land, and Clementine’s hair color change. I also loved how Gricken came into existence (you need to read to know, what Gricken is 😀 )

About Characters, the main protagonist is Clementine, who is expected to be someone, but she isn’t that. She is a perfect blend to be a good daughter and yet explore things that make her curious or because she likes them. Her journey from being a loner, to being someone whom people can trust upon is amazing.

Black Sheep, is my second favorite character. He is funny, and annoyed at the same time 😀 (You need to read it to know about this one)

Final Note :

A middle-grade book, full of magic and magical creatures, and funny at the same time, you got to read this

Cover: 4/5
Title: 4.5/5
Blurb: 5/5
Theme: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 4.6/5

*This book review was provided by publishers via netgalley in return of an honest review. The views are my own*

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Master of Restless Shadows by Ginn Hale Release Blast, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Master of Restless Shadows, Book One by Ginn Hale

Series: The Cadeleonian Series, Volume 5

Publisher: Blind Eye Books

Release Date (Print & Ebook): October 8, 2019

Length (Print & Ebook): 401 pp

ISBN Print: 9781935560630

ISBN digital: 9781935560647

Cover artist: Zaya Feli

Subgenre: epic fantasy, romantic fantasy, LGBTQ fantasy, queer fantasy, high fantasy

Order it now:

Book synopsis:

Freshly graduated Master Physician Narsi Lif-Tahm has left his home in Anacleto and journeyed to the imposing royal capitol of Cieloalta intent upon keeping the youthful oath he made to a troubled writer. But in the decade since Narsi gave his pledge, Atreau Vediya, has grown from an anonymous delinquent to a man renowned for penning bawdy operas and engaging in scandalous affairs.

What Narsi―and most of the larger world―cannot know is the secret role Atreau plays as spymaster for the Duke of Rauma.

After the Cadeleonian royal bishop launches an unprovoked attack against the witches in neighboring Labara, Atreau will require every resource he can lay his hands upon to avert a war. A physician is exactly what he needs. But with a relentless assassin hunting the city and ancient magic waking, Atreau fears that his actions could cost more than his own honor. The price of peace could be his friends’ lives.

About Ginn Hale:

Ginn Hale lives with her lovely wife in the Pacific Northwest. She spends the many cloudy days observing plants and fungi. She whiles away the rainy evenings writing fantasy and science-fiction featuring LGBTQ protagonists. Her first novel, Wicked Gentlemen, won the Spectrum Award for best novel. She is also a Lambda Literary Award finalist and Rainbow Award winner.

Her most recent publications include the Lord of the White Hell, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf and The Rifter Trilogy: The Shattered Gates, The Holy Road, His Sacred Bones.

She can be reached through her website: as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Her Instagram account, however, is largely a collection of botanical photos…so, be warned.


Inside the smoky confines of the Fat Goose, surrounded by boisterous drunks, gamblers and cold-eyed cardsharps, Atreau’s attention strayed from his cards to the wonderful book on the table before him. The leather cover looked supple and already well-worn as a favorite glove. He could see where fingers had cradled the spine and bent the cover, leafing through the pages again and again.

Placed in my callous hands, a testament of devotion, unspoken, and yet laid bare as a naked breast.

Atreau snorted at his own conceited turn of thought.

Still, the simple fact of the book’s existence pleased him.

He’d not seen the Haldiim translation and had half suspected that the publisher had forgone printing after the Cadeleonian volumes had been transformed into so much ash and smoke.

For a moment he pictured the dark young man who’d handed him the tome. How striking he’d appeared amidst so many Cadeleonians, and yet something about him—his angular jaw? Perhaps his long, lean build? Or it might have been his sharp brows and dark lashes?—Atreau didn’t know but something about the Haldiim physician had filled Atreau with a sense of familiarity. Absently, Atreau wondered if the young man had known that marigold petals clung to his dark curls like drops of gold.

“Stare at the cards all you want. The winning hand is still mine.”

Across the table from him Sabella Calies tapped the four cards she’d laid down and then took up her beer mug. Tall and weathered as a warhorse, Sabella was as much a fixture of the capital’s unseemly side as was her uncle’s Red Stallion sword house, where people gambled fortunes and lives on the speed of their blades. Over the course of her forty-odd years Sabella had taken both from a good number of men. But here at the Fat Goose the stakes were very different, as was the game. Here the kingdom stood to be lost to the church. Or won for Prince Sevanyo.

Atreau’s cards came very near winning but missed by only a point. He had indulged himself in the drama of making it appear a close match. Sabella played along, since the money would be hers no matter what cards he dealt. This game, like almost every other hand of cards he played, served as a pretext for Atreau to dole out Fedeles Quemanor’s payments to his informants and agents across the city.

Atreau pushed a plain coin purse to Sabella. She opened it and then pulled the drawstring closed again and dropped it into an inner pocket of her leather coat.

Between her lanky build, plain face and close-shorn brown hair Sabella nearly passed for a man. Certainly the heavy doublet and thick riding trousers she sported added to the impression, though they did not create a perfect illusion. Nor did she need them to. She’d patronized the Fat Goose for more than twenty years and all but the most callow of youths knew better than to cause her trouble.

She drew a sheaf of papers from her doublet and pushed them to Atreau. He skimmed the content quickly. It seemed that the royal bishop was collecting ancient scriptures, most having something to do with the Holy Savior’s final battle and the Shard of Heaven. Likely the bishop believed the holy blessings that had destroyed the demon hordes so long ago were desperately needed again now to combat a new threat to Cadeleon.

Five years ago Atreau would have found the entire matter amusing or perhaps thought the royal bishop deluded. But since then he’d seen both the wonders and horrors that ancient spells unleashed. He understood why previous generations of wiser men and women had attempted to hide them away.

“We need to know when and exactly what he intends to do with this,” Atreau said. “Actual places and dates would be good.”

“You don’t ask much, do you?”

“I don’t pay so little that I should,” Atreau replied.

Giveaway: Readers, enter to win 1 of 3 complete e-book sets of The Cadeleonian Series, Volumes 1 – 4 (Lord of the White Hell 1 & 2, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf 1 & 2)


Giveaway: Readers, enter to win 1 of 3 complete e-book sets of The Cadeleonian Series, Volumes 1 – 4 (Lord of the White Hell 1 & 2, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf 1 & 2)

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Fierce Fairytales


Book : Fierce Fairytales
Author : Nikita Gill
Pages : 176
Type: Ebook

My Thoughts

The book is collection of poems which used fairytale characters and stories as background, which touches topic like abuse, heartbreak…. The book is only 176pages long, but it took me too long to complete it as I wasn’t feeling the vibe of book. The stories felt flat many-a-times, and there wasn’t much character development which is very necessary to get the feel of it.

The illustrations were lovely, which was break in between story or sometimes at the end of story. They showed the fairytale, in context of what author wrote.
I liked very few of them, which includes Red Ridding Hood, and Hatter.

I like modern poetry, and thought it would be more like what I have read on the author’s Instagram page. But alas, I couldn’t feel more than half of the book.

Overall: 2.5/5☆

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Sea Prayer


Book : Sea Prayer
Author : Khaled Hosseini
Pages : 48
Type: Ebook (Illustrated)

My Thoughts

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what author wrote, his writing is as lyrical as it can get.
Sea Prayer is the shortest book by author, with awww-stucking amazing illustrations, which gawked me from the e pages only. (Swipe left to see one of the illustrations 😻)
Story of how a father console’s his son Marwan that he will be okay, and everything will be okay once Marwan crosses the sea. The story is a prayer of a father to the sea, to carry his son to the other side, to the safe side.
After hearing too much about how short the book is and how overpriced it was, so I went for an e-read instead of physical one.
Though I miss seeing the physical copy of paintings, but I are more amazing then the version.
Even though I know the book is overpriced for what we get in respect of “no of pages”, the thought and Khaled’s words is what I gripped on.
The earning from the book is good for refugee organization ♥

Overall: 4/5

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>> #bnbreadathon Feb-Mar : Prompt 3

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Happy Fat : Taking up Space in a World That Wants to Shrink You


Book : Happy Fat
Author : Sofie Hagen
Pages : 336

Love Yourself, even if you are BIG FAT or VERY THIN.

My Thoughts

I am fat, and believe it or not I have been ALWAYS happy with my body. Even though I have heard too many of “You got to lose weight, check what you eat, it’s because you eat too much junk, being fat makes you prone to disease and early death”.
And I still haven’t done and nor will do anything for getting this weight, sheds, it can go like it came. I have been chubby since childhood and I am fine with it.

So I knew, I am gonna like this book so very much, which talks about How you can be Happy & Fat together.

Though the book has some very, very sad moments from Sofie’s life, and I can’t imagine myself in her shoes. Sofie has been brave enough to accept her body, and do so much publicly which she was afraid of. Hats off to her.  * I got teary on so many moment’s author shared of her life..*

I would love to recommend this book to people who are non-fat, because it will give them a perspective of how fat people go about through a day. And how you sometimes be just a jerk and say “mind your calories”. WE DON’T WANT YOU TO TELL US WHAT TO EAT !

There are so many lines that will surely struck the chord in your heart.

Part of me loathed the boys & girls who liked me, because surely they were either lying or horrible people themselves.

God, imagine if – and this goes for not just all people during your teenage years but essentially for all people in the world – imagine if people were just nice to each other.

Trying to shame people into being healthy is like trying to get someone to smell less of piss by pissing on them

Empathy should not be the hardest thing for people. But identifying which situations call for your empathy is different and a lot harder.

Another thing I liked about this part memoir by Sofie is how she brought other voices who are mostly ignored in form of Interviews. The perspective from LGBT+, & Color community is what makes this book a well researched and well thought book.

The author has checked on researches and came up with analyzed data on how BEING FAT doesn’t always mean we are more unhealthy than the thin ones.
A shared experience with doctors, how she and some other have faced the dilemma of not properly getting checked because the only visible reason was they “being fat”

Do we actually want for fat people to be healthy or do we want them to be ashamed?

Sofie also talks about the trolls, and I hate trolls, and meme makers (who laugh on risking others)
Sofie quoted “these trolls are sad people” , and I totally wish that to be true. Because you can’t make someone feel less and be happy about it. You have to have something less in your life to make others feel this way.

Final Note :

I liked it, though there are parts which can trigger people who are facing fat-phobia and for some it may feel repetitive. But believe me, it’s 24×7 what we generally go through so bear it and go through 320 pages.
You are not going to see the Comedian Sofie you know via social media, this is a Sofie that has gone thru this much to become “Comedian Sofie Hagen”.

Cover: 5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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>> Pop Sugar Challenge Prompt 25 : A debut novel
>> Reading Women Challenge 2019 Prompt 21 : Book bought/borrowed in 2019
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The Art of Racing in the Rain


Book : The Art of Racing in the Rain
Author : Garth Stein
Pages : 338


A dog you will fall in love with, a dog more human than human now-a-days.


The story is about a dog named Enzo, and his feelings of being happy, sad, jealous, protective and every a human can feel.
Enzo was adopted by Denny from a barn when he was still a pup only. Denny, the race driver talked to Enzo all about race and race cars, and how to drive in the race. They used to watch race video’s together and everything until, Denny fell in love with Eve.

Will there be difference in relationship between Enzo and Denny ?
What’s special about Racing in the rain?


This is my first Book, that is from a dog POV, and I loved it mostly due to the audio book I choose in between ebook reading. The audio book was by Christopher Evan Welch, and I loved how the speaker had done voice modulation for Enzo, Denny, Eve or even little Zoe.

Let’s start with what I loved, I loved that Enzo could feel as many human emotions as possible. He wasn’t able to tell them, but in a way he did use his barks for that.
Enzo’s love for Denny was unconditional, and his jealously came in parts when Denny found Eve

“We were both satellites orbiting Denny’s sun, struggling for gravitational supremacy”

Dog’s are amazing creature, most loved one, and one who can really be a best friend. But Enzo’s obsession of “being incarnated as a man”, did set me off sometimes. At time I wanted to hug Enzo and tell him, HUMAN’s aren’t worth you Enzo. They are just not. Be a dog instead, please….

I somehow loved Denny, he is a perfect gentleman, love his dog, loves his wife, manages time between family and his job. The only thing that I didn’t like in the character was how one dimensional he was shown like Even in the desperate needs of breaking, he doesn’t break and be positive.

The story looked like a checklist of lots of cliche’s, a good dog, someone having fatal disease, controlling in laws and more cliches. And it looked so predictable at those times.

There were times, when I felt the “racing” was put just in to defend the title. But that one scene of “faster, faster” was incredibly well written. (you need to read the book to know what I mean)

Words that touched

People and their rituals. They cling to things so hard sometimes.

I admire the female sex. The life makers. It must be amazing to have a body that can carry an entire creature inside.

She was my rain. She was my unpredictable element. She was my fear.

I wanted to judge the world around me, not merely be a supportive friend

The human language, as precise as it is with its thousands of words, can still be so wonderfully vague

Final Note :

If you love dogs, and want to love them MORE. Read it, better if you listen it because narration by Christopher really helped me in finishing this book with a human touch.

Cover: 4/5(new motion picture cover)
Title: 2.5/5
Blurb: 3/5
Theme: 5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Characters: 5/5 (only for Enzo)
Overall: 4/5

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>> Pop Sugar Challenge Prompt 1 : A book becoming a movie in 2019
>> Underrated Reads Book Club : BOTM Jul-Aug
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The Broken Amoretti


Book : The Broken Amoretti
Author : Sudipto Das Aparajita Dutta
Pages : 296
Price : 380/-

In love nothing is right or wrong


The novel is divided into two parts, WITH and WITHOUT. Both in reference to ? (you need to read it to know that 😉 )

WITH start’s with Parush, one of the protagnist (yes, ‘one of the’ because there are MANY) opens a diary. A Diary he hasn’t seen since long, a dairy that has a secret, world doesn’t know , a dairy that will unravel what LOVE is all about, a dairy that belongs to Parush’s ex love Bitasta’s mother, Panchali.

Saoli leaving her husband comes to India, to teach poetry at IIT KGP and is very much interested in subject related to Queer Theory. She meets Parushni who is also submitting her paper same day on Lesbianism.

How Saoli, get’s to know Parush and under what conditions?


This is my second read by author Sudipto Das, and I quite liked his The Aryabhatta Clan (the book had cryptic messages and a whole lot of thrill to decipher it).
The Blurb of The Broken Amoretti, gave me the same vibes, there will be a cryptic message and story will unravel it. However, I was disappointed in that a bit. I can’t review the story as whole, so I will divide it in two parts.

The Relevant :
I loved how the author started the setting up of characters, and their known/unknown love for a place called ‘prembajar’. There were references to great poets, and their poetries. The poetries were explained, giving the background of meter and everything. Which was new to me, and I liked it. This simply showed the research author did for getting these parts in the novel.

I loved how the author tried to fictionalize WHO was Panchali or stories about characters from Greek Mythology Artemis, Callisto and some more..

The story’s main aim was writing about how love has no boundaries and no gender, in a way that it was convincing. This was mainly done giving background’s of mythologies and many poetries.
But when I think back after completing it, it was just brushed up on the story. Later the story becomes something else, which makes me sad.

I loved the cover, it does have a deep meaning once you complete reading it.
The Random :
There were so many characters, each girl falling in love with Parush at some point. Why THOUGH? This was too cliche for me, and I didn’t like it. The love scene’s were written very shabby.

The story unraveled very soon, and felt like being dragged over many pages. The novel started with a mystery poem, went to the Love story of Parush and Batista, and then went straight out of context to gaming and the politics and what not. I felt trapped, and it was hard to follow why this was happening. And strangest of all, why did all the characters just end up at one place 😐 (too cliche again)

Final Note :

If the novel had been divided into three part’s instead of capturing too many good idea’s into one. I would have loved it, but the main motive of the novel felt lost in the first half the book. And came back in the last few pages back.

You can surely enjoy the book, if you are okay with subplots, and some cliches.
Poetry lovers will enjoy the first half of the book, because it is really well written. Gaming and technology enthusiast will love the second half of the book, because the story separately is very well written.

Cover: 4/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 2/5
Theme: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Characters: 1.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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Their Life >.<

His fractious nature,
Illustrated the emotions,
which his mind never overjoyed,
and her sublimity didn’t assist.

His heart became like
Popcorn filled portholes,
soon to be overflown by different odour,
and she knew their life will soon come undone or together.

And when I thought there was no more thing like Daily Prompts – Word of the day.
I found out so many of other WordPress bloggers, doing it for people like me. Started their own Daily Word Prompts. And I will be happy to join in whenever I can.

This is an impromptu write-up, for different Prompts, Odor , Illustrate, Done , Assist , Popcorn filled portholes, fractious, Sublimity, Overjoyed, Together

Also don’t forget to check other interesting post for these tags, some are mentioned below


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Every Ugly Word

euw_Finc - Copy.png

Book : Every Ugly Word
Author : Aimee Salter
Pages : 322
ePrice : 291/- (and free on Kindle unlimited)

Trigger warning, the book deals with Bullying and some of the scenes can be very descriptive.


The story revolves around Ashley, a seventeen year old girl who gets bullied every single day at school and even has issues with her Mom. But there is someone, she can talk to, someone who really understands what Ashley is going thru. This is none other than someone called an “older-me” to Ashley’s Me.

Ashley doesn’t have lots of friends, it’s just Matt at the moment and she wants it to be more than friendship with her. Mat has a soft spot for Ash, but ‘as a friend’.

The story starts in with Ashley talking to a parapsychologist in a special facility about the events in her life, that turned and twisted and brought her to this chair.

What do you think, would have brought her here?
Will Mat & Ashley ever be more than friends?


First book by the author, and WHAT a writing.
It was so much descriptive at certain points, even for me (that hasn’t seen much of violent bullying in real life).
Loved the concept of the book, as we always talk about “What would you suggest to your younger self”. The book actually conceptualized the thing and did it wonderfully.

Though there will be points, you will be frustrated by certain characters, like Ashley’s mom. Isn’t Mom there to protect their children? But in this case, Ash’s mother was one of the bullies herself. I somehow couldn’t wrap my head around this, as I have always felt mother’s are the givers and care takers. But this one really messed my mind.
Then there is Mat, also known as the ONLY friend Ashley had. and yet he couldn’t see her friend was troubled ? A real friend is to care for you when you are messy. not increase the mess more. Forcing Ashley to go to places, where she knew her bullies will be. Not cool bro!

And then there is the main character, Ashley. Even though I felt sympathy for her at points, but I also thought her stupid for doing certain things. Just because your “loved ones” want you to do things, and you know the repercussions will be hard. You still do it. WHY!? 😐
I hated her at some part, and then there were some parts I could have hugged her and said ‘it’s gonna be all okay. it’s gonna be all okay’.

All in all I kinda more than liked the book. Author Aimee said, she had written this on her experience of being bullied in her school. And I can’t even imagine if she went through this much or less or a lot more.

The ending may put you on an edge of believing it happened in reality, or what is all a Magical realms kind.
I thought and gave myself a magical realms feeling end. That keeps the book still alive in me.

<Also make sure you read the Author Interview Kajree did on her blog. Link below
In conversation with Aimee L. Salter – author of Every Ugly Word >

Words that touched

People you love should always be more important than people who judge you.

I believe that human beings have a tendency to live up to expectations: what we expect of ourselves, what we believe others expect of us….
You make choices based on how you perceive others expect you to behave.You perhaps subconsciously- draw their attention to your flaws.

My gaps only became inevitable when I stopped believing they could be filled.

Final Note :

If you can want to break your heart, and stable it in the end. This one is for you. The book can be triggering for people who went through such experiences. So beware.

Cover: 5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5

Theme: 5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 4.3/5

*-*-*-*-*-*-*Book Challenges*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Read this book, as part of
>> #popSugarChallenge Prompt 4 : A book you think should be turned into a movie
>> Underrated Reads Book Club : 2019 May Read
>> #readingwomenchallenge Prompt 2 : Woman w/a mental illness


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Birthday Girl


Book : Birthday Girl
Author : Haruki Murakami
Pages : 48
Price : 61/-

Now I know why people like him forever, or don’t understand him forever.


The story is about a girl who is celebrating her 20th Birthday. And there is no happiness to look around for her, and on top of it, she is said to deliver food to the owner of the restaurant (where she works as a waitress).
No one has seen the owner, and it’s been always the restaurant manager who delivered the food in the owner’s room. But today is different, and when she goes to deliver the food, it’s not the only thing that happens to her different today.


Before saying anything, I want to say that this was my first Murakami. Having heard so much about him over the years, this year I thought I would open my eyes to his writing. And when I ordered this one, I didn’t know it would be so small (length and size wise both). But in this 48 page story too, Murakami sir gave words that touched (see next section).

Loved his writing, it was mysterious and thrilling to finally reading him. I love the details and I seriously was messed up by reading “She…She” again. We could have been good enough and gave her a name too rite ?
Well anyways, the magical part left me with questions (and I don’t like hanging on to things). But seeing it is Haruki, we need to keep this is mind that he does keep his readers on edge.

Surely gonna pick up books on my shelf by Haruki Murakami now.

Words that touched

Bumpers are meant to be dented.

No matter how far they go, people can never be anything but themselves.

It’s as though something happened to make me think that things happened that never really happened at all.

Final Note :

If like me, you haven’t read him yet. This one is perfect to start with, it’s short and will give you a taste of Murakami’s writing.

Overall: 3.5/5 (I can’t give more than this, because I have expectations from the writer)

Keep your eyes on this one for the giveaway I will be hosting on my Instagram page.
Feel free to follow and jump in for giveaway. 
India only.