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Birthday Girl


Book : Birthday Girl
Author : Haruki Murakami
Pages : 48
Price : 61/-

Now I know why people like him forever, or don’t understand him forever.


The story is about a girl who is celebrating her 20th Birthday. And there is no happiness to look around for her, and on top of it, she is said to deliver food to the owner of the restaurant (where she works as a waitress).
No one has seen the owner, and it’s been always the restaurant manager who delivered the food in the owner’s room. But today is different, and when she goes to deliver the food, it’s not the only thing that happens to her different today.


Before saying anything, I want to say that this was my first Murakami. Having heard so much about him over the years, this year I thought I would open my eyes to his writing. And when I ordered this one, I didn’t know it would be so small (length and size wise both). But in this 48 page story too, Murakami sir gave words that touched (see next section).

Loved his writing, it was mysterious and thrilling to finally reading him. I love the details and I seriously was messed up by reading “She…She” again. We could have been good enough and gave her a name too rite ?
Well anyways, the magical part left me with questions (and I don’t like hanging on to things). But seeing it is Haruki, we need to keep this is mind that he does keep his readers on edge.

Surely gonna pick up books on my shelf by Haruki Murakami now.

Words that touched

Bumpers are meant to be dented.

No matter how far they go, people can never be anything but themselves.

It’s as though something happened to make me think that things happened that never really happened at all.

Final Note :

If like me, you haven’t read him yet. This one is perfect to start with, it’s short and will give you a taste of Murakami’s writing.

Overall: 3.5/5 (I can’t give more than this, because I have expectations from the writer)

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The Golden Record


Book : The Golden Record
Author : Naimesha Thakur
Pages : 253
Price : 249/-
Publication : LeadstartCorp

Travel to the fantasy world of writers.


The story is about three generations of women, who likely or unlikely became a published writer. Their words made changes to the world, how it worked.
The protagonist, Mira Dev has just successfully launched her book and is on a tour with her best friend & best friend’s husband. The bracelet on her hand had four trinkets each for her personal accomplishment. And today fifth one will add to it, but she is on tour. Will she be able to add the trinket like she always does on the next day of her book launch?

Her grandmother Tina died a few years ago, and Mira’s mother Antara find similarities between her mother and her daughter. Will that mean anything in the story ?

What if there is an Island of writers, writers who can affect lives of people, but they can also make mistakes. Can mistake in a person’s like be rectified ? What is the role of Mira in all this?

To answer above questions, you need to read the book.
<writing spoiler free review for The Golden Record will be so difficult>


First book by Naimesha Thakur, and I am already a fan of the plot she used, the world she created, the characters she introduced.
The language is easy to read and understand. But the Island and the writer’s world can be a bit difficult to understand. There is SO MUCH information and yet I felt there should be some more about it.

I always imagined the Island of Writers, a blue meadow place.<hence the image>.

The characters are many, and they are given their share of place and plot to fill in their characteristics page by page. The character’s aren’t shady and are as we read them, one directional. There are a variety of characters, there are Periwinkle, Penchantress, CaRule and so many more.
<saying again, it’s so difficult to writer about this and make it a spoiler free.Umm!!>

Loved the idea of adding trinkets on special achievements (will surely think of something like this to do in real life).
Naimesha, has given an amazing description of how the “PROCESS” works. Still, I was confused, because there was lots of information thrown at me at a single time. I wish this was done in due time, given bits of information while the story proceeds.
The “Black Mistake” , I am curious to know what was it about ? I mean, <umm leave it. #spoilerFree remember>

Final Note:

Amazing book to build up a fantasy world around you, and you living in it. Totally recommend and these doesn’t have usual fantasy world of dragon’s and other creatures. Something new.

Cover: 3.5/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
(blurb gives some of the things out)
Theme: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

*This book review was provided by publishers in return of an honest review. The views are my own*
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6 Years Old


My blog turned 6 !!

I am a very bad parent, WHY ? Because I didn’t keep an eye on this one, as much as I wanted to.

6 years ago, when I started it. The aim was simple, to write what I desire to write, because I am good at writing and sharing when I am anonymous to the reader. I did that for 2 years, and then my work load took over, I didn’t get time to come here and pour in my thoughts for next 2 years (May 2015-May 2017). But soon, when I joined Bookstagram and started reviewing books on my blog (soon to be 2 years ago), the anonymity was taken over. As people “knew me”, and I wasn’t confident enough or may be I am too personal to share my “RAW” thoughts with them (know too people). So for a while I just posted Book reviews and nothing much.

But now as I enter my 6th year, I think I will start with my random mumbling again other than just book reviews. So YAAY!! for the new start 🙂

Comment and Congratulated me today at least. eh ??


Cake Candle
PC: google

With Luv,

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The Soft Target

*image will be posted later*

Book : The Soft Target
Author : Kalyan Nanda
Pages : 202
Price : 249/-
Publication : Notion Press

Journey of Mohan, from boyhood to manhood.


The story revolves around a boy named Mohan, he has a unique mental illness whose cure isn’t known to his parents yet. No one understands him, his teachers and fellow students come as bullies to him. Yet Mohan smiles to each one, says something and go away.
And after years of wait, they are ready to take Mohan to a specialist in Chennai, which will change him for sure.
But what will change to know that, you need to read the book.

It’s Mahashivratri, and Mohan’s mother had a dream about Shivji, to let her know to come to him and pray for Mohan’s success for his engineering exams.
Will the fate of Mahashivratri reap a good result for the family ?

Moving from his hometown to join an engineering college will change his life for forever.
Make sure you read Mohan’s life as a roller coaster thriller and heartfelt story is unrolled in front of you.


A debut book by author Kalyan Nanda, and what an effort. The book plot, and Mohan’s unique disability surely raise our interest more to the book.
The writing was easy to understand and there are many references used to connect with reader’s by talking about Dhoni finishing shot and Sachin’s slong shot (mostly in the first half of the book)
There were details even for the “things” in story to make them real life. for example, the explanation of the cooker in the first 10 around pages, that was made sure that it looked like a perfect cooker in respective of middle class families.then up again in the next 10 pages, about how a middle class man “gets ready”. Which I felt was a little too much may be, sometime in life most of us has come in from a Middle class family, and reading such things made me think it is used as a mockery instead of showing how one Middle class family lives.

This will be my first book,where author himself has a talk in his own book. He talks to readers about a certain situation(Dear Readers…).
I almost had feeling like “Main Samay hun”(remember ? A man aura used to come in Mahabharat’s TV)

The friendship between Mohan, Nikhil, Brij & later Revathy was amazing to read about.
The main characters were BIG time “flawed”, and I loved them because they felt real.
Mohan – A boy with unique mental illness, and exceptional IQ who solved “the” maze
Nikhil – Wealthy boy having everything yet nothing because he stammers
Brij – The comedy kid of the book, a fan of Salman khan(from Tere Naam)
Samidha – <won’t tell you what her relation is> But she is one of my favorite characters, because she said my most favorite line of the book “I want to be your Café Madras”

I love when Books, talks about other books and authors, and I haven’t read ‘PG Wodehouse’ yet, but this book surely has increased my interest in him.

I wish the cover was something else, as it doesn’t justify the content and deepness of the plot of book.

Also if you read it, would love to know your theory of who the actual Soft target is 😉 as the book end with that question too!

Final Note:

If you want to read a book that is different from cliché stories, grab this one up.

Cover: 1/5(really wish it was something much more)
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
(as it reveals too much)
Theme: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 3.7/5

*This book review is a part of The ReadersComsos Book Review Program and Blog Tours*
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Jallianwala Bagh: Literary Responses in Prose & Poetry


Book : Jallianwala Bagh: Literary Responses in Prose & Poetry
Author : Rakhshanda Jalil
Pages : 227 pages
Edition : Hardcover
Price : 386/-

Even though History wasn’t anywhere near my favorite subjects in School, one event that had always haunted me since childhood was/is Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.
We all must have read about it in our history classes, but I never knew the backstory of Marcella Sherwood, or the crawl on your bellies Acts. We all knew, a madman named General Dyer gave his men orders to shoot on people who had assembled without any weapon to talk about THEIR NATION.



About Book

This book is divided into two part’s first talks about all those amazing fictional work written around the Event. You can read translated work of Saadat Hasan Manto, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Mulk Raj Anand and many more.
Each story, giving us different details of what happened on that evening.
I loved reading (snippet of) Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh by Stanley Wolpert, which talks about the committee of inquiry that was set on General Dyer for the Massacre. Though the final verdict didn’t make this book, but I surely now want to read the original.

Second part consists of those amazing weapon words in form of Poetry. As the massacre took place in Amritsar, there are many translated poems from Punjabi and some from Urdu.
Though I feel, some of them had left the essence of being a poem in translation but the core feeling still remains, the pain still remains.

Final Note:

Recommended to each one, to know the history of this day when a massacre ripped opened Mother earth on Baishaki (marks the beginning of the harvest season and birth of the Khalsa). The book actually opened my eyes on too many blinded spots I had as a child (e.g. the Marcella Sherwood, the crawl on your bellies Acts)

Any historical book is so difficult to rate, and this is no different.

Overall: 4.6/5★ (not 5 because poetry did let me down a bit)

I would like to thank Niyogi books, to send me a review copy in return of an honest review.


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Kingdom Cold


Book : Kingdom Cold
Author : Brittni Chenelle
Pages : 278 pages
Edition : Kindle
Price : 212.00/-

YA with Thrill, Adventure and twist and turns.


The story starts with Princess Charlotte, and her parents talking about getting Princess married off to Prince of another side for saving the kingdom and Princess denying to marry ‘any one’, as it’s too early. (she is 16, of course it is too early). On the other side, Prince Young of Vires is in a dilemma is it fine to marry because of political agreements.

As the time pass, will they both change their mind or will fall in love ever?

Before the Big moment occurs (which was exactly a day after the start of the story I guess), Kingdom of Besmium is attacked and Prince Young and his elder brother Prince Minseo try to win over the sudden attack.

Will they make out safe ? Will they win over ?

Who is Prince Emmett? Why he tries to protect the Princess and Besmium Kingdom?
Read the novel to know all about it


I love reading new Authors, and some of them amaze me with their novel. Brittni Chenelle is one of them, I picked the novel because of the Blurb which looks more like a simple YA read. But it has so much more to offer with its the twists & turns.
Language used is simple, and easy to understand.

The story is written from multiple POV’s, and even though I loved the smooth transformation from chapter to chapter. As each chapter starts from where the earlier one left, but another character’s POV. Only issue, I found in POV’s where there was no differentiation was the characters tones/talking. They were read same way.

Character development can be seen between the first time(when they were introduced), and last time(when they were read). But there was no specific development as the character grew, except Princess Charlotte. She reminded me so much of Merida (from Brave), the way she said No on marriage proposal, was childish, and grew brave from whatever happened to her.

I am in love with Prince Young, and he is definitely my latest fictional CRUSH♥♥. The way he handles situations, with his presence of mind is amazing. He has got charm of a prince, and believe me when I say, he doesn’t behave much like a Prince. He adapts to situations well, and before thinking of himself, he thinks of ‘people he love more’ (depends on situation we are talking 😉 ) I still laugh when I remember **spoiler** the First night of Prince Young and Princess Charlotte

This single book, contains exactly 3 books. I am seriously telling this, it could have been easily converted to a series, and there were so many points where Author could have stopped on a happy ending. But author chooses to give us twists, and twists, and THE END.
Though author Brittni, says she is working on another novel. Which will have characters from this novel, and will not be exactly a series, but will be a sequel to this one.

The end actually feels like MORE to be seen.

Final Note:

If you want to start reading YA, this one is super good to start with. YA Lovers will love it too, also it has twists and many adventures.

Cover: 5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 4.3/5

*Thanks to author for providing review copy in return of an honest review. All views are my personal, and nowhere affected by receiving it from author.*


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When I Had a Little Sister

20190107_184826 - Copy.jpg

Book : When I Had a Little Sister: The Story of a Farming Family Who Never Spoke
Author : Catherine Simpson
Pages : 367
Price : 1,158.00/-
Publication : Fourth Estate

Sad memoir written by authoress Catherine about her sister Tricia.


The story starts with room view of Tricia, 46 years old, after she died. Her cigarette’s found in the bathroom, because that was the only place she allowed herself to smoke, to have a healthy life.

“When did she decide to die? Was it before midnight on Friday the 6th, because she couldn’t face another night, or was it before dawn on Saturday the 7th, because she couldn’t face another day?’

A question that makes the author think about how mental illness of her baby sister has finally made her choose death over living an unhappy life. Catherine started writing this family memoir on a fellowship at Hawthornden Castle in 2016 (three years after Tricia died).

Read the book to know the story of how a family kept mum about the taboos of mental illness and other social norms.


When I had a little sister is so personal to Catherine, and yet hats off to her for going through this experience and coming out as a winner (writer). The amount of memories author has shared may sometimes look like very descriptive, and in my case I felt wasn’t needed. But as this is from personal experience, the author made sure she covers everything from the way she felt.

The author talks a lot about her Mother, and it felt like she was still angry with her for all the part she played in “Growing them up”. There are sentences like ‘I was here and she was not’, that author said after her mother died and she got to see the jewellery box and everything that their mother have never let them touch. I was sadden at such references, being grown up with a close-knit family I feel sorry for the author and her sisters that they didn’t get the love they deserve.

Furthermore, in the story she talks about ancestors, who have moved after World War I and how the property and things in them (bed and other stuff) that were kept from generations of belonging year after year, needed to be destroyed and get away from. This saddens me again, because I live for “Old is Gold”, but at the same time having such things that can bring back sad memories are good to let go.

It was only later part in the book, that author has talked about Tricia and her going through mental illness. The way she was drawn towards people, and withdrew herself from them soon enough without a reason. There were times, when I could see/feel that Tricia wanted to say so much, but there was no one to understand here silence, and sometimes words. She kept away from here loved ones, and her loved ones left here alone too. In my experience, and what I know a person with mental illness is weaker at such points, when they want a company and there is no one to talk or share their thoughts with. Catherine, the author herself says that she wanted to reach out to Tricia but her kids (one of them are with special needs), and her own mental health didn’t allow her to do so.

I will again say, it is very brave of Catherine, the author that she has come out with a book that will help people who still think that mental illness is something to keep mum about. It’s about time that our educated people and kids that they can come and talk to their elders about anything and everything if they feel like it. Mental illness should be treated as another health issue, and not a thing with “give it time, it will be all okay”. It won’t be, talk to someone if you feel your mood swings a lot, talk to someone if you have dark thoughts.

I may not be the correct person to say this, but I guess this book can trigger to people who suffer through the same. Because it’s just so sad, made me cry for Tricia and her family.

Final Note:

It’s difficult to review and read a sad memoir by someone who has gone through a lot herself. And rate it on any scale, is like to rate someone’s life and what they have gone through.
Pick this one up, if you want to read something that talks about how families can be, and what mental illness can do to a person/family if not taken care beforehand.

Overall: 3.5/5

*Thanks to publishers for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*


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2019 : Year Long Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting for 2 month’s now. I was busy with my personal & a bit of professional life. I have so many pending reviews, and soon my blog will be alive again with the book review.

Happy New Year 2019 to everyone, who stayed with me and encouraged me in 2018 to post on the blog. Thanks for taking time out to check the posts, and appreciating them.

Making this my first post of the year & posting an year long challenge.

#leastReader_nb : 12 Months, 12 Prompt challenge is up on my instagram, and I will be following/posting the updates on my blog too.

We might get busy with our studies, exams, jobs, housework etc. and not get time to do that over the top challenges. So here it is, for the starters, the newbies and for people who just love challenges to read one MORE book per month.

Will be happy if you can join in. Comment below, if you are joining in. Below are the prompt details


Feel free to ask any more questions. You can join in on wordpress, Instagram or Twitter

Let’s do this together 🙂


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Book : Sheets
Author : Brenna Thummler
Pages : 240
Publication : Caracal

I LOVED this !! said to be a children’s book, but it has learning for adults too.. Graphic novels are such a relief when we are bored with big intense reads.
This one worked such a stress buster, the look of it shows it as a funny, humorous novel, but in fact the book takes up serious topic and leanings too.

The story is based around Marjorie Glatt, a 13-year-old girl, which runs laundry for feeding her family every night. But the cleaning isn’t easy, with her customers returning to her with issues for clothes. And Mr. Saubertuck, a businessman, who wants to buy the place and open a huge hotel/spa. He tries to ruin Glatt’s image in front of her customers. Until Glatt, comes face to face with Wendell, a Ghost. Wendell doesn’t seem to fit in with other Ghosts and their rules and hence he somehow turns up in Glatt’s laundry.

Is Wendell a good ghost or bad one?
Will Marjorie be able to save her laundry from Saubertuck?

The illustrations are so colorful, and detailed. I specifically liked those illustrations where pink flowers cover the pages, across. These were beautiful.

The story had good pace. But characters, could have been given more depth (apart from Marjourie). There is happiness, that ends asap the moment end. And sadness takes the major chunk of the book.

Marjourie, is shown such a strong girl. Who is determined to overcome the challenges life threw at her. She multitasks her studies and work, and try to balance between them. She is shown frustrated, sad and trying to cope with everything. I would have loved to see more of Wendell and his past. May be Sheets 2 ?

Thanks NetGalley, and publishers/authors for an e-arc in return of an honest review.


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The Invincible Weapon

*image will be posted later*

Book : The Invincible Weapon
Author : Sowmya Putta
Pages : 244
Price : 249/-
Publication : Inkstate

Will bring back the childhood stories with a moral.


The story revolves around Mahadroni Kingdoms which are in threat of invisible enemies. Maharshi Gavishta returns to Gurukul, and asks each King of Mahadroni to send away their children to learn and be able to save their kingdom from enemies.
Many children are sent, but only six of them make it to Gurkul. Maharshi tells them they can acquire the ‘Invincible Weapon’ that can destroy invisible enemies. And the magic of reaching Gurukul and learning starts.
Abhi & Karu are brothers and have stayed & accompanied each other always. Will they both be able to join in Gurukul ?
How many will be dead before someone gets the invisible weapon ?
Will the enemies be gone ?

For all the questions to be answered, you need to read the book 🙂


I quite like the book, said to be for children I know adults will enjoy this too as much. I was nostalgic with the type of end the story had. We have always read books that gave us good moral at the end, and that’s what is the high point of this book.
You will not be sure, of what is about to happen. And suddenly you will be Awww-ed by the thinking of Authoress Sowmya.

The writing is simple, and no difficult words. There is magic and it deepens the writing and the story.
There is friendship, brotherhood, and humans that can die to keep their relationship alive.
There is evil, there is hatred and ill doings that makes it really close to reality.

I am not sure, what kids now-a-days read. But if as a child, you have loved reading the old mythological and panchtantra’s. Do give this one a read, this one will surely bring back a lot of memories of old times.

Final Note :

I will recommend it to be read, if you as a child loved reading stories about king/queen/kingdoms.

Cover: 3/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

*Thanks to publishers for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*