I am Back ^_^

Yes, you read it correct.
I am back. Last I posted was in May 2015 m and here I am back again in May 2017.

Sorry for not posting for such long time, there had been personal & professional commitments which needed my time.

As now I am back, I am back with full fledged social media updates :

I am on Instagram @mpsn_fables , you can read my writings ^_^
Also I have been associated with FB Reader Writer cafe, link below


With that I will be joining #bookstagram SOON .. I am exicted about this, as I being a reader for so long with almost all genre read from JK Rowlings, Dan Brown books, Stephine meyer, Sydney Sheldon, to Chetan Bhakat, Durojit Dutta, Sapan Saxena (Currently reading)

Please support me, as I will be going to put my reviews on book I read on blog now ^_^


Happy Me..!!

New Me..!!

-mpsn ^_^

Result Time : Indian Lok Sabha Election 2014

Today world wide eyes are waiting for the TURN, which Indian Election will take.
However, the BJP’s WAVE of ‘AB KI BAAR MODI SARKAAR’ was so powerfull that it drowed the Congress in deep down. But still people are hitting all the news channel, different sites. To find out the LEAD which BJP will take over any other Political Party.

Results 2014 for key cabinet ministers of UPA-I


Current Status :



Credits :  Economic Times , India Today