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Murder on the Orient Express


Book : Murder on the Orient Express
Author : Agatha Christie
Pages : 274
Price : 299/-
Publication : HarperCollins Publishers

My first ever Agatha Christie’s !! and WHAT A BOOK. Convincing my broken wallet, I need to read/own more of AC’s work.
One down, 44 to go for Hercule Poirot series.

Story (can’t write this without spoilers)

A train with 22 passengers, each different from one another. Yet they become part of an investigation, when one of the passengers is found murdered in his compartment.
Hercule Poirot takes matter in hand, and starts with investigation. Making assumptions and getting clues as he moved forward with the investigation. Interviewing each passenger and train staff for knowledge of any unknown or known clue.

12 wounds, surely means murder.
But Who Did It ?
Everyone has a strong alibi.
Was it someone from the Train ?
Or Someone from outside did this ?


As my first Agatha Christie’s novel, I enjoyed the writing style. I now know, why she is the best-selling author of all time.
I feel great, when reading crime/mystery novel I am so much involved it in that I continue to make guess who did it. And this was no different, the book started in a different place all together. And I kept wondering when is the Orient Express coming in limelight. And the way it came in, and the pace book took was good enough even though it sometimes got bored. As I can feel the time characters took to open up.

For writers writing a book on one single character sometimes is different, yet here it is Agatha amazingly playing with 16-17 characters and that too pretty well. Every character had its uniqueness to them, and most of all our Investigator Hercule stole the show always. His mannerism and his way of deducting absolute absurd(well I thought them absurd at that time) until all made the sense.

I loved how their were pretty funny dialogues in starting like

‘Ugly as sin, but she makes herself felt. You agree?’

‘If you will forgive me for being personal- I do not like your face, M. Ratchett’

Not that it was completely fool-proof, I still have some doubts like, why did Poirot ever thought that the murdered couldn’t go out from window ? I mean he can go up the roof of train right ? Not that he will stay there, but for making fool of someone, a murderer can do that right ?
Also there were some absolutely ABSURD deductions by him, I mean how he said a person was THAT person just by fluke ? You might say he was a SUPER GOOD Detective, but then it’s hard to believe that his absurdest deductions made a strong case and investigation forward.

Final Note :

From very few books, that I haven’t seen movies of before hand. Murder On The Orient Express is one of them, and I am eagerly waiting to see the movie now. Having the book of movie cover gives a clue who is who, still I want to make sure who is who. Also Johnny Deep as a victim, well that definitely is a MUST TO SEE ❤

Rating a writer like Agatha Christie is not my cup of tea, as she is the BEST.
Yet for this one, I will like to

Overall: 4/5

**I won the book in a contest by HarperCollins Publishers, when movie was about to release.**
Read this as part of #femmeMarchFest, in March 2018 where we devoted our reading to Female writers only.
This was my entry for the contest.
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Why So Twisted


Book : Why So Twisted?: It’s Not Always About The First Impressions!
Author : Vinayak Nadakarni
Pages : 160
Price : 175/-
Publication : Notion Press

Short stories that cover all emotions !!

Since last year, I am getting a hang of reading short stories. And because of authors like Vinayak Nadkarni I appreciate them, as they say a LOT in just short.
This book consists of 12 short stories, each different from other one and leaves you in a different state of mind and feelings.
The author has made sure, that the language is lucid and easy to understand. But the stories are added with a different twist every time. There are suspense or twist added to most of the stories, and I loved enjoying this as a thriller or major suspense comes out in that end. The narration is simple yet it has the effect to keep the reader on edge till the end comes.

The cover is unique, and it intrigued me that those unique elements will be used in the stories. Some stories had those unique elements that the cover is made of, alas some were missing. I wished if everything the cover had been in the book.

My Favorites

I liked quiet a few stories, Flirting which was author’s first story and was published in 2012 by Penguin India.
Another favorite is A Repechage Love story which shows how people can go to extend for loving someone *loving first love*
Diwali bonus, takes you in mind of people of a family when a bonus comes.

The Results, gave me goosebumps. The story of every student, who has to go under pressure of performing good in exams. Made me cry.

My most favorite is A Second Date, it kept me wishing a happy ending to this, be a happy end. It’s story about two people who get arranged for a marriage, but instead they play an interesting game and let the fate decide the end.

Final Note :

If you are looking for a short read, or want to get out of reading slump this one is perfect. As this is fast paced, and have many emotions with each story. Go Grab It, if you don’t like reading short stories, this one can be the first one you will love.

Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

I would like to thanks Author for providing me the book in return of an honest feedback.
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While Celebrity fans, are raging over a celebrity got convicted for doing something illegal, we forget that there are OTHER THINGS WE NEED TO RAGE ABOUT.

My heart wants to go in deep down a hole, and I wish I could find a wonderland.
A wonderland, where there are no humans. Because humanity has surely left the planet.

Raping an eight year, several times, in a sacred place. That’s definitely a SATAN‘s doing.
A father, telling his son and his friends to do this deed.
A Father?

Just please remind me, how Fathers are supposed to be ?
They need to protect us, when evil is there.
They need to guide us, to correct direction.
And they need to feed us good thoughts, to keep the humanity going.

But as we move forward yearly, we are definitely leaving behind humanity.
Humanity that has died not so sudden death, but a forced death.
Where humans see each other different and can do anything on the name of RELIGION.
Where GIRLS(CHILDREN/YOUTH/MARRIED) all are treated and used for MEN’s PLEASURE.

Do you know how big is eight year old child ? A third or fourth grader. How can people have ill thoughts for such age.
Why Women(irrespective of age) have to go under all these in the name of society, religion.

My boiling heart gives the road to my tears, I cry, I cry out loud.
May my tears are the acid to such people, who think doing this was for a GOOD CAUSE.
I pray to Goddess Durga, to reborn on earth and show these evil’s their right place.
They belong to HELL, and that’s where they should remain.

All I did after hearing this bitter truth, was praying and repeatedly reciting Durga Kavach(Durga’s Armour).
To protect all those girls,not just from such people. But also protect to them from such thoughts.

My aggression is raging a lot today, and I just want to slit out the neck of people who justify this. And who still say shit like, a girl needs to PROPERLY DRESS.

And I have told this earlier also and I will say again, if I got a chance to redo ONE of natural things the world, I will definitely be Turning Human back to Money. At least then we can expect the female generation a safer environment. A Disrupted Mind

The above rage is for Asifa, an eight year old child.

According to the investigators, Asifa was confined in a local temple for several days and given sedatives that kept her unconscious. The charge sheet alleges that she was “raped for days, tortured and then finally murdered”. She was strangled to death and then hit on the head twice with a stone.

Read full article

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VANYA – Collection of stories and poems


Book : VANYA
Author : Multiple Authors
Pages : 66
Price : 199/-
Publication : Artson Publishing House

Compilation of poetry & stories on theme grace, courage and strength of women.

Poetry are not very easy to read and understand. Some are simple, some are deep.
This book contains both in equal mixture.

The book is contains words from 23 writers who understand a woman in their own ways. Yet all the poetry and story can show case one common thing, the Courage woman has shown.


There are 21 poems by multiple writers. And I being one of them, are so amazed how we all think so differently and all have a unique way of writing. But the theme of book is not lost in any of the poem.
Apart from my own poems (2 poems are written by me), some of my favorites are (Rhapsody of a woman, a journey from childhood to adulthood, and SHE)

Poems having simple language, but the effects go in deep.


There are 9 stories in total written by multiple writers. While some stories gave me chills, because I was terrified when I read ‘The Night Not Less Than A Nightmare’ . It is the very first story, and I had to take time off after this one. Woman go under so much and we are thought to keep silent and be patient MORE.
Another story to mention is ‘The Men Of A Woman’, as the name suggest the story revolves around a lady and men in her life. A husband, a son, after marriage they are her life.
Last but not the least, ‘Colour’ showed how easily colour in a women’s life can be taken away. It’s sad that society and emotions of a woman never give justice to her life. And that’s exactly what is shown in this story.

Stories are written in a way, that show struggle of a woman in everyday life. The sacrifice, the fear, the little things that bring her happiness, all are spread across wonderfully in these 9 stories.

Final Note :

If you haven’t read any poetry, this one is perfect to start with. As it is simple, but it also has depth. If you like mini-short stories, well this one has 9 🙂
Go Grab it. 23 Author (including me) will be grateful to you.

Link To Buy : VANYA

 Overall: 5/5

Huge Thank to Artson Publishing House for trusting these budding authors, 
and giving them chance in this amazing collection.

This book was read for a readathon #femmeMarchFest
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Journey Through Darkness


Book : Journey Through Darkness
Author : Salloni Mehta
Pages : 240
Price : 299/-
Publication : Notion Press

A lyrical.


It’s a story about Sazel, a girl with single parent. Her mother Ibona after her husband’s death, open a bakery and take care of her daughter. Ibona who loved to sing, had always wanted to be a singer when she sees her daughter Sazel to be more talented that her she makes sure to put the seed of Singer opportunity into Sazel’s mind.

Sazel all grown up, with dreams of becoming a singer. Mother Daughter moved to Cechern, a bigger town for bigger opportunities. Sazel breaks into the music world by, performing lead role in a musical by Melody Mist. The show became the biggest hit for Melody Mist, and Sazel became the star performer. Her life was going on highway when she met Rofised, a freshly recruit performed with him in an Act.

Ibona, Sazel’s mother don’t like the likeness of her daughter with a Junior artist and tells her to beware of which road she is taking.

Things don’t turn out good with Sazel’s musical journey and she asks her mother to return to her home town Merville.

What were the reasons Sazel came back ?
What about her singing career?
Will she ever sing again ?


The book is a lyrical, that means you can expect the song’s in between the story. The songs make the story more interesting, as we get a feel to sing them in our own tunes. The book is writen in simple language, and author has tried to give characters a good amount of space for their developement.
In starting only, I had a feeling that Ibona and Sazel gave me a vibe of Rapunzel and Gothel(step mother).
There are parts that were too much elaborated, and at times I felt like the story was stretched as it included more and more characters.
Also the end, it just happened. A sense of hope was shown in end, but I thought it was rather abrupt how the book ended.


Things that worked out for me :

> Being my first lyrical, I enjoyed reading it.
> There are definitely many one/two liners that I enjoyed reading.
> The cover is amazingly done.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> Certain parts were stretched too much.
> Character building in whole book is given very much importance, that didn’t worked for me after a time.
> Being a lyrical, there were many parts where the novel without lyrical touch looked boring.
> There should have been MORE grievance shown for a certain misshapen. It was just ignored on completely. I didn’t like this 😦

Words that touched

; she slept with a vivid imagination of her mother’s depiction, not as a vision, but as an image that meant ‘Life’.

Understand me, and my conflicts.

Mysterious changes within me
Cause an inexplicable melancholy,
Something is certainly missing,
Something is certainly awry,
I wonder what it could be.

This is not love, Keltra. This is attachment, the cause of bonding. Love sets you free, I have felt love, pure unadulterated love. And I have felt it with another woman. All we have been attraction and attachment. And I don’t blame you. Most people mistake it for love. But you haven’t felt pure love yet, Keltra. It is uplifting. It is freeing. It is expansive. It is an awakening.

Set yourself free! Release the grips of attachment and liberate yourself from the bondage of misery.


Final Note :

You can definitely give it a try, if you are looking for your first lyrical read.


Cover: 3.5/5
Title: 3.5/5
Blurb: 3/5
Theme: 3.5/5
Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 2.5/5
Overall: 3.2/5

**Book was provided by author, in return of an honest review.**


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The Devil’s Prayer


Book : The Devil’s Prayer
Author : Luke Gracias
Pages : 369
Price : 350/-
Publication : Bee Books

A Horror fictional that give a lot about 13th century history and facts.


Story starts with a nun(Denise) committing suicide after a chace of long period while Semana santa(Eastern week) procession took place in Spain.
What are her reasons to commit suicide ?

The news reaches Denise family, 23-year-old Siobhan, 17-year-old Jess and Nanna Edith. All took news in their personal manner, Siobham who was the most closest to her mother even after Denise abandoned them both 8 years ago cried and missed her. Jess who was very little when Denise left them, felt hatred towards her mother and Nanna was in tears for losing her only daughter after everything she has gone through.
On the day of service, when all left Siobham meets a priest whom she doesn’t remember but he knows her. Father Jackub as he introduces himself to Siobham tells her that he knew her mother as Sister Benedictine. Siobham had lots of questions on her mind, but Father Jackub told he knew nothing and gave her bible which belonged to her mother. And said in secret, you mother wanted no one to know about this.
Arriving back from service, Siobham left to her room and opened the bible. A handwritten notes awaits her on front page, that called her to visit Zamora and tell nobody.

Will Siobham leave her Nanna and her 17 years old baby Sister ?
What is it Denise wants to tell Siobham ?
Was Father Jackub a trustworthy person ?


After completion of book, I sat in AMAZEMENT of what just finished, why it finished.. Well where is second part ???
Because, I didn’t knew it had a part. Else I would have never read it, because I HATE CLIFFHANGERS !!!! And this was craziest!!!!

I appreciate author Luke Gracias’s writing skills, that made me think of Dan Brown a LOT. The movement of places, the history behind things, well that’s what Dan brown does right ? But Luke Gracias did a better Dan Brown, because story is SO CAPTIVATED.

I have to agree, that first few pages, totally lost me and I had no interest in beginning. But the more Siobham came to know about her mother, the more it intrigued me.. What WAS IT ??

Book is written in 3 parts
> Unfinished Business
It talks about Siobham journey to know her mother past as nun, Sister Benedictine. With different revelations on the way, she gets to know about what her mother did for those 8 years when she abandoned them all.
> Like A Bull To The Slaughter
This part is the BEST of all three, I mean this had kept me on my toes. To know what will happen next ? What now ? It’s the part where a DEAL is made (well you need to read book to know about WHAT deal I am talking about 😉 )
> The Quest
This was another interesting part, which started with a good story narrations. But then the facts and history drew me in my cocoon. I don’t know much about God or Devil, but this part had all those Catholic faith, discussing saints, secrets, devil’s manuscripts, prophecies. I was overwhelmed by so much information, which definitely author had done a quiet research of.


Things that worked out for me :

> Character building is done AMAZINGLY. The book is length and it is the exact thing that needs characters to get the depth.
> How the story written has from first person and sometimes in third person format is what I loved next. Because there are very few writers that can do that amazingly and Luke achieved it nicely.
> The parts of books are very well divided.
> The way author has done the research and wrote about history is GREAT.
> The cover and blurb gave me creep and I wanted to read it asap.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> The VIOLENCE was a bit more, even thought I haven’t written about it in my review. But *spoiler* there are some highly violent scene including a rape. That made me sad, and frightened at the same time.
> I wish there was NOT THAT much of historical discussions and catholic faith talks. Coming from an Indian background, it just made me a loser while I was reading because I knew NOTHING about it.
> The title could have been a little more not so creepy, because it looks like a worshipers of Devil’s book. Well it is *in a kind* about that, but then you never can relate to it until you REACH THERE. 😛

Final Note :

GO GRAB IT if you horror & supernatural things are your thing ! Just don’t give up while you read details of history, prophecies, catholic faith. The book is much more than that.


Cover: 4/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
Theme: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 3.4/5

**Won this book in a giveaway by readercosmos.**
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Micro – DP Challenge

On Daily Prompt : Micro

P.C Internet: GurBani Judge

I love BANI, and her attitude to stand up to wrong doings. The above written piece is completely what she has gone through, and that too in this so called ’21st Century’.


Do check other entries for the DPChallenge too, following are some I checked



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Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia


Book : Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia
Author : Vanita Oelschlager, Joe Rossi(illustrator)
Pages : 128 page
Format : e book

Short story, that deals with issues of a child with dyslexia


Knees is story of Louis the Third, who suffers from Dyslexia. How he goes in and out of daily routine.
This book reminded me so much of Taare Zameen Par an Indian movie that has beautifully shown world the problem of children’s with Dyslexia.

The book, is beautifully illustrated that is what kids will love about it. I wish this was introduced in schools for children to learn that they are not alone. I loved the fact how Louis’s father supported him and told him every human has a something good in him. We all need to find it, and in end Louis finds his love in basketball which helps him deal with his problem.


Writing is basic, and simple language is used by Author easily understood by kids of young age. Loved the illustrations, that gave a depth to story


Rating: 4/5

I requested the copy from NetGallery in exchange of an honest review

Read this as part of #femmeMarchFest : March month for Women 🙂

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Book : SEVEN….(years,days,minutes)
Author : Aditi Nath
Pages : 7 page
Price : 9/-
Format : e book

Short story, that will definitely leave you believing in love….


Swarna, a married women for 7 days and on eighth day his husband Deep goes for his assignment as Military man. And haven’t returned for 7 years. And for 7 years, she has kept calling the headquarters to hear back any updates about Deep.
Aditya a tourist guide, meet her in Nainital to give her a tour for 7 days.

Will Swarna move on with her life ?
Will Deep return after 7 years ?
What’s Aditya doing in the story ?

For all this, you all need is an hour to get know about their story.


Writing is basic, and simple language is used by Author. The story is short of 7 pages, but is packed with emotions and feelings and HOPE. Finding love and having patience to see it go for 7 years and keeping the Hope that the love will return.

Even though I loved what I read, I would have enjoyed it more if characters were given more details and story was a bit long. A short story is great, but covering it in just 7 pages without much background is what I thought was missing in the novel/short story.

Rating: 3.5/5

**The book was provided by author Aditi Nath in exchange of an honest review.**