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Book : SEVEN….(years,days,minutes)
Author : Aditi Nath
Pages : 7 page
Price : 9/-
Format : e book

Short story, that will definitely leave you believing in love….


Swarna, a married women for 7 days and on eighth day his husband Deep goes for his assignment as Military man. And haven’t returned for 7 years. And for 7 years, she has kept calling the headquarters to hear back any updates about Deep.
Aditya a tourist guide, meet her in Nainital to give her a tour for 7 days.

Will Swarna move on with her life ?
Will Deep return after 7 years ?
What’s Aditya doing in the story ?

For all this, you all need is an hour to get know about their story.


Writing is basic, and simple language is used by Author. The story is short of 7 pages, but is packed with emotions and feelings and HOPE. Finding love and having patience to see it go for 7 years and keeping the Hope that the love will return.

Even though I loved what I read, I would have enjoyed it more if characters were given more details and story was a bit long. A short story is great, but covering it in just 7 pages without much background is what I thought was missing in the novel/short story.

Rating: 3.5/5

**The book was provided by author Aditi Nath in exchange of an honest review.**
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Discounted :Poems by The Bean Bakers

HBB Anthology Contributor 20171202_163635


2 month and 1 week after its existence, finally the e-book is discounted at a more affordable price.


This is what some of the poets/poetess from the Anthology have to say about Poems by The Bean Bakers

This is a compilation of human emotions drawn from the deepest reserves of imagination. Laced with satire, humor, grief and insurmountable love, these poems are what make you feel better on days when ‘the blues’ couldn’t get any bluer.
Meticulously crafted with passion and love by several poets, this is the first in a series.
– Rashmi

Be it your way to work or when you are tuckered out, they’ll surely keep you enamored!

Sense the surge as these electrical, dramatic, and yet gentle words take you on a topsy-turvy ride.
– Apurva

Colors more than your blues, blanketed with emotions but you are sure to get your cure on the roller coaster journey of our words.
– Sakshi

A series of poems to lighten your blues, emotions weaved together, leading you to a beautiful world of words.
– Roohi

One can have literary experiences in these expressions of the authors, enlightening the deepest feelings of your heart.
– Manvi

Deftly deals with all possible human emotions and mood swings. Laced with satire, humor, grief and insurmountable love, these poems are what makes you feel better on any day that has turned blue. Meticulously crafted with passion by several poets, this is first in the series.
– Upasana

Layer of human emotions en-crafted with Love, Longing, equality, hope, rains and what not. Feel every emotion inch sunk into skin.

Don’t forget to get your copy at Amazon – Poems by The Bean Bakers


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I spoke my first spoken poetry… It can be found at Spoken Words

The same is changed to text-image format and I present you here. Open for any feedback, as this is my first ever spoken poetry.



DailyPrompts mnemonic , insist, simplify, bewildered

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The Woman Who Saw the Future


Book : The Woman Who Saw the Future
Author : Amit Sharma
Pages : 276
Price : 149/-
Publication : Readomania

A science fiction that will grab your attention right from its blurb.


The book is story of many people focused on our protagonist Sapna Vaid.
Born in a middle class family, Sapna lives with his parents and younger brother Vikrant. Their life was going good, until the mishap happened. Vikrant died by falling off the train, while returning from his trip. A happy family, turned sorrow overnight.

What more can happen to a sorrow filled house, Sapna started having weird dreams. Dreams filled with accidents, blood, disasters which later she searched and found was all REAL. She couldn’t believe herself that she could see the future, future of people who were about to die. The range of dreams weren’t just India they spanned whole wide WORLD. She used to be in the dream when the person next to her died in front of her house. Sapna parents couldn’t believe her that she was seeing these things. They thought she needed medical attention, until one day she saved her Father from an accident where he lost his legs.

The dreams turned happy-go-lucky girl Sapna to a gloomy ghost, with her family and (boy) friend Saahil believing her trying to keep her Happy. She turned inward and thought why the dreams didn’t happen before Vikrant. She could have saved him too, she wrote letters to Vikrant stating all the dreams, all the fears, all the faces she saw in her dreams.

Her fate changed when she met Kapil, a well-known businessman. It was one of those 20 dreams that showed Kapil’s mishap that was about to occur due to bomb in his car. Her move saved Kapil and many of his employees. When Kapil asked, Sapna tolw him about her dreams that turned reality. Kapil took all the information from her and did a detailed background check, when all details came out clean he was bound to trust Sapna and her dreams.

A business mind is never out of idea, and same happened with Kapil. Contacing Mehak, a TV reporter who was also a very good sketch artist. Kapil and Mehak went to Sapna’s house with the proposal of having a show based on her dreams, where she can save 1000 people from dying. It was the first time Sapna felt that her dreams can help people.
Her parents were sceptical about it, but she was sure to do it. Anupama come along the show, and she is the main lock that connect Sapna’s earlier dream victims, to saved people. 12 YEARS, go by and the show is hit, Sapna is now Goddess for many who she was able to save.

Did Sapna herself got into trouble ?
Will these dreams remain forever with her?
Will Saahil be part of this fierce journey Sapna is taking?
Is she really a Goddess, that can save ANYONE?

To unanswered questions, you need to READ this one!!


My first book by the Author Amit Sharma, and it was such a good read. Loved how the story is presented with different characters perspective, each character taking the story ahead and adding their own touch to it.
The experts from Sapna’s diary to Vikrant had the major effect on me, the way she shared the same bond with his brother even after his death. The pain of seeing people die was aptly covered in her diary.
Even though their were many characters, my favorites are Sapna, Kalpana (Sapna’s mother) and Mehak. All three ladies have a strong image attached to them, each living their own hardships.
Even though the blurb tells us almost everything from the story, I wanted to see how Amit keep the thread going together and he did it pretty well.
There were many such thrills that were guessed, I wished they were kept as thrills.
At some point I thought there were things, that were left mid way but it was later that those loose ends met and gave end to that mid way.
Om-Anupama were certainly played a great part in the story but there were things that I felt were extra elaborated.

Things that worked out for me :

> It was like a perfect read, mostly everything worked out fine. From language, to story, to character building.
> The book divided in parts ‘The Rise’ & The Fall, were made equally important and kept reader in their grip.
> Loved how every chapter/character’s story is started with a related quote from famous book. This just gave me kicks to read those famous books *again*
> The cover is minimal, but it says a LOT. The Eye, and the Yin-Yan of a woman from present to future, I loved it.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> I wish the blurb was a little less descriptive, after reading book I was like it almost gave everything.
> Somewhere I felt the story was dragged and it would be same if the things were kept to little.
> The story sometime became predictable, I wish the author had kept the thrill till the very end and not given clues about WHAT HAD HAPPENED *talking about Kabir* *spoiler may be*

Words that touched

Her mind turned into this healthy salad of emotions with loads of serenity, a handful of fervor and a pinch of ferocity.

Sometimes it takes a long time to understand that life is not just about a single relationship. It has much more to offer. If your life is a circle then no one but you should be at the center of it.

Happy families are all alike; even unhappy family is unhappy in its own ways
– Anna Karenina

I have always believed in a supreme power but I have my doubts. Sometimes I wonder if he is just a child who loves to play dangerous games. He comes across as someone who is extremely compassionate and ruthless at the same time, just like Nature. Sometimes, he scares the shit out of me.

Final Note :

A science fiction with mystery and drama packed you should definitely read this. In middle of my personal life, I took time to read this but a bibliophile will be too eager to finish it off as quickly as possible.
So if you like to read an INDIAN author, who can ACTUALLY deliver the fiction, mystery and supernatural thing all in together GO GRAB IT (what are you waiting for !!)

Cover: 4.5/5
Title: 4.5/5
Blurb: 3.5/5 *because it gave it ALL*
Theme: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 4.4/5
Rating: 5/5

**The book was provided by Writersmelon in exchange of an honest review.**
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The Ghosts of Gurugram


Book : The Ghosts of Gurugram
Author : Debeshi Gooptu
Pages : 150
Price : 149/-
Format : Kindle

My first read of 2018, and WHAT a read. Combination of two genre, horror and humor.


It’s story about Tara, who at very starting of the book goes under a heartbreak. When his soon to be husband refuses to marry her just few days before marriage. On verge of depression, as she has to see her ex-fiance daily in office and all she did was trying to pretend everything was normal. It was Sonali her friend, who first suggested her to shift job.
The opportunity strikes, and she gets to start afresh in Gurgaon or Gurugram.
The first thing she needed was finding place to live in this millennium city. She met Mahesh Sharma for the same, and after seeing 9 apartment, door to 103/103 opened and Tara felt a sense of hope as she stood in the balcony breathing the fresh & clean air.
It was her meeting with landlady of flat, when Tara felt a sense of oddness when she could see a black cat in the house roaming and caressing her leg whereas the landlady & Sharmaji didn’t saw any cat.
After shifting, and a hectic day at office Tara came back home and felt relaxed and dozed off while watching T.V. She was worked up by a loud crash, and after a while heard a meoww. She was shocked, and remembered the cat at her landlord’s home. She goes to balcony, revisiting sad memories and feeling sad leans over it to peer down at the parking lot.
Suddenly, a voice ‘Don’t Jump’ make Tara look back, she saw a woman standing in lehnga choli and Tara collapsed on the floor.

As Tara wakes up, she is still confused about what she saw. Well was there a girl on her balcony ?
And she now wants to find out WHO SHE WAS ?

Was Tara imagining things ?
Was she really depressed, by her marriage taken off ?
Who was this lady in lehnda choli ?
Was she imagining the black cat too ?

Well for all those question YOU GOTTA READ THIS ONE..!!!


Debeshi Gooptu has done amazingly to weave out words and created a perfect world where such things could happen. The pace of story is great, events kept happening and there wasn’t any dull moment (as per me).
The book touches issues that we know exist, but in our busy life turn off them. Depression, Dowry, Suicidal, Getting good marks, Old age issues and what not. The story of The Ghosts of Gurugram depicts harsh reality of the transforming phases of any city.

Loved the characters building, each character had their own story and they got merged very nicely.
The story shows our dull belief in aghori baba’s well too. I am not sure, there might be some GOOD baba’s but well not all are. I would have loved to see the Kanai’s part more as he had so much scope to things at more of that level.

Things that worked out for me :

EVERYTHING, from humans to Ghosts to animals !!

Things that didn’t worked for me :


Words that touched

The full moon gazed back at her from its inky bed surrounded by twinkling stars. The black horizon stretched out in front of her, vast and indeterminate, illuminated by specks of light here and there.

It was then that Tara realised Gurgaon, despite its progress, had a dangerous, dark side. The industrial boom, the multinational work culture and the designer invasion had brought with it unhappiness, mental turmoil and feelings of inadequacy. Unable to keep pace with the demands of living in the city, people were sacrificing their sanity. Lives were spiraling out of control.

Final Note :

Living in Delhi, I could connect to so much from the book. Gurugram aka Gurgaon is a neighboring region and it has been in news for one or another cases. Reading this, has definitely sent a chill down my spine because we don’t live in perfect world. And such cases definitely happen. I wish the book is read by EVERYONE, and the issues those are touched in the book serves as an EYE OPENER to all.

Rating: 5/5

The book was provided by Writersmelon in exchange of an honest review.

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Nice Men Finish Last

DSC_1013 - Copy (2).JPG

Book : Nice Men Finish Last
Author : Pravesh Vir Siddhu
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Pages : 224
Price : 107/- (discounted)
Format : Paperback

Second half is better than the first half. Can be easily adapted by any Bollywood director.


Our protagonist Nandu is a GOOD man at starting, get worse after the breakup with her girlfriend Noor and then again want to become nice for Tanishq.

The story starts with World Cup Final match, and like every indian Nandu is a huge fan of cricket. Missing it is like impossible, but he has to go and confront his long-term girlfriend Noor, who is cheating on him. As the match goes up and down, so does the meeting of Nandu and Noor goes, and just before Nandu closes his eyes, he get beaten badly by Noor’s current boyfriend is who ‘Not Nice’ man.

He opens his eyes in hospital and is surrounded by his friends, his roommates Keshav, Sattu and Shardul. As in real life friends help us get back from breakup, the story includes the real friendship of friends too. Though Sattu takes everything to a level that I DIDN’T LIKED. Being a girl reading such words, and description for other girls, sorry it was NOT FUN. It was rather a very low point in the book, and I thought why did I even started reading it. I wish if someone told me, I would have skipped those pages, as it was nothing but an over the top things *which boys might do MAY BE*.
That was the part, where Nandu the nice guy become worse, as Sattu his friend comes up with the idea of ‘Nice men finish last’. So Nandu and Sattu become a womanizer and have bets to SCORE women. Until one day Nandu realizes that this is not him. He talks over Sattu and breaks his bad guy image to returns being a nice men.

And as he moves forward and joins in college to be a teacher, he sees Tanishq a dentistry student. He falls in love at first sight. And she also reciprocates the feeling after some time.
But as they say, bad doings aren’t left unturned. And Tanishq leaves him, after knowing his was once a playboy. Then He leaves India and goes for further studies in Canada. And his roommate is a Pakistani girl, and I LOVED how his apprehensions about sharing house with a muslim changed to friendship with her, Madiha. And at a point she becomes the pillar of support Nandu wanted in Canada.

Will Nandu able to get Tanishq?
Will he and Madiha’s friendship turn into something more?
Will he be back to India?

Well for all of that you need to read the book!!


As a debut novel by the author, Pravesh Vir Siddhu the writing is fresh. The first half adds humour to the story, while the second half turns to be a bit more serious. Simple language, pace is great.
The problem that came in front of me was, to much of THINGS that happened in first half. Describing girls parts, and talking about it is not FUN as people think it is. It was the worst time to cover up those pages. And every after finishing them, I found out myself sulking in why did I said yes to this. But as Tanishq came in, it was GREAT again.
As a male author, Pravesh has amazingly covered Boy/Men point of view. The characters like Tanishq, Madiha were so much worth writing for. But he missed it.

Things that worked out for me :

> Second part of the book definitely worked for me. It had love, friendship, emotions everything.
> I loved how, author showed the apprehensions usual ‘Indians’ have when they come in contact with a ‘Pakistani’. But the BEST was Nandu’s dad when he explained him and made Nandu understand that all Pakistani are NOT terrorist.

> I liked Madiha’s character, she is shown so strong.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

FIRST HALF. It was all about B**BS :-/ Sorry to say, but I HATED IT !
The concept of story remained same, Nandu falling in love at FIRST Sight. Well that’s the physical attraction, it can only change to LOVE when other person is beautiful inside. But author doesn’t think so
Tanishq, Madiha were strong and author could have explored them more from their side.

Words that touched

I will rearrange the pieces. I might succeed in solving the jigsaw puzzle of my life. But a piece of my perfect jigsaw puzzle will always be missing. And that piece will be you. Without you, the puzzle will always be incomplete. I will be happy, but will always regret that missing piece.

My chase for my dreams will successfully come to an end, but my quest for that missing piece will have no end.

Cover: 3/5
Title: 3.5/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
Theme: 3/5
Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 3.4/5

I would like to thank Author Pravesh Vir Siddhu, for providing signed copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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Pimp in the Pulpit


Book : Pimp in the Pulpit
Author : Thomas McRae
Publisher : Eber & Wein Publishing
Pages : 35
Price : 335/-
Format : Paperback

Story of a dysfunctional family, where each one is having issues with one or another person.


Story is narrated keeping Edward Jones as the main character. Story starts with Edwards mother calls him and jokes about how his grandmother called and asked about if Jones family was going to attend her 95th birthday.
Well the story revolves around that birthday, and characters come in and go to make story going. There are unsorted things between family.

Does Jones family goes to the birthday party?
Did the birthday party happened?


The book is not for people, who are easily offended. There are words that come around as harsh sometimes.
The story kept on going, it was a constant graph and not a dull moment. As there was something or the other thing happened in family, with relatives, or with each other.

The narration of story went a bit of haywire, because it regularly shifted tenses, from past to present. Leaving reader a bit in haze what was happening, when.

Final Note :

Perfect short read, if you like to know how a dysfunctional family is. Some readers would definitely identify with some characters in the story, while some will be like ‘Does such people exist’?

Overall: 2.5/5

I would like to thank Author Thomas McRae, for providing a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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It Happens


Book : It Happens
Author : Karan Sharma
Publisher : Notion Press
Pages : 166
Price : 225/-
Format : Paperback

Does age gap really matter in love ? A love where boy is 25 yrs and an unmarried 37 yrs girl?


Our protagonist Gautam, a 25 yr old working professional falls in love with Roshini, a 37 yr old unmarried woman who is his senior in office. They both love spending time, and enjoy each other’s company. And Gautam makes his mind to propose the lady-love, bring out the ring and start practicing on another girl in office for the proposal.
When his best friend Rohit, find out about this odd love couple. Rohit bring out scenarios for future that were applied to this younger male, older women couple. And soon Gautam is indecisive about his love proposal. Even his sister Richa, couldn’t help him in making such a life changing decision.
At the same point Gautam gets an opportunity to go to Singapore, which he without thinking takes with Payal another girl from his office. The girl is already attracted to Gautam.

Will this age problem concern over love ?
Will Gautam return to India and marry Roshini ?
Will Gautam settle down with Payal, a girl of his age ?

For all those, you need to read this one 🙂


I loved how the author, Karan Sharma have brought our characters in the book.
Where Gautam is a simple gentleman, his best friend Rohit is a Casanova.
Where Roshini is older yet loved by Gautam, Payal is lovely but lacks reciprocation of his love from Gautam.

The language was easy, and phase shifted from good to slow. I loved the starting and conversations and confusions of Gautam when he talked to Rohit and his sister Richa.
The middle part was kind of depressing where a heart breaks and it didn’t even sound.
I would have loved to see, how Roshini handled this heartbreak. It would have been great, I know the story is from Gautam’s perspective. But I still feel that ways.

Things that worked out for me :

Characters, there were so many. Yet you can identify each one differently except Payal, I wanted to see some more of her character.
The friendship of Gautam and Rohit, even I loved how the Brother-Sister bond was given so much preference.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

The cover page, it missed giving the main theme.
Pace in middle that went slow and didn’t came back as it was in starting before Gautam left for Singapore
Apart from love story, Roshini’s character, her heartbreak wasn’t shown much.

Words that touched

Marriage is all about companionship.

One good act done today always came back to you by karma and so did a bad act.

That is why the heart falls in love, and not the brain.

Final Note :

Lover of a Romantic rom-com ? This is definitely for you.

Cover: 3/5
Title: 3.5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 3.5/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 3.6/5

Thanks Writersmelon for providing review copy in return of an honest review.

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Everyone Has A Right To Love

Everyone Has A Right To Love

By Gagan Madan

Life is too busy but it’s also too easy, if you look closer.

Love is too complicated but it’s also too clear, if you feel deeper.

Sometimes laughter is too difficult but a small smile can give us a lot of happiness.

Today we all are too busy to prove ourselves and to excel. We have no time for love and we hide our emotions and affection.

We always choose our priorities and we will always find time for things that we feel are important and those things which give us happiness. When we love someone, we start to care because love is a priority and not an option in life.

You also have a right to love, so keep loving, stay happy.


Book is about weird love stories, getting a Happy ending. The story covers the romance/love of office, as we have seen in many places school, college love are given importance or being portrayed.

The protagonist Akhil Sharma, has been an average student. And have thought that the next class would be easy, but as we live life, we come to know life isn’t easy at all. Each stage has its own level of difficulty.
After college, Akhil joins in a hotel where he mets friends for life, love of her life, and Tushar Sir and Juhi Mam. Akhil and his friends tries to make love proposal out of Tushar Sir for Juhi Mam, which they both are unsure of other’s reaction towards it. In this patching up, Akhil himself falls in love with Khushi, another joinee with him. When they do couple dance on Tushar Sir’s birthday. But Khushi isn’t a girl who falls for a guy, for her, her mother’s satisfaction comes first and after that everything else.

The story brings in different characters to keep the story going.
Will Everyone have right to love ?
Will Akhil get his dream girl ?


The name of book and its cover attracted me to this book. But aahh, the book itself didn’t have that capability to keep reader in me busy for much time.
I don’t like books with poor editing, It’s just sad to see so many grammatical mistakes.
Didn’t liked the conversations happening. The character building didn’t had enough strength to put up. I would have been happy, if there were less characters, as then at least some of the characters would have remained with us after the book is read too.

I was literally forced to finish this one.

I literally doubt myself sometimes, when I see the book I didn’t like people give it 5 stars. Well I must say, they don’t have a problem with poor editing, grammatical mistakes, also they would read ANYTHING at all. *No offense to anyone*

Only point that I can bring out may be positive is that book can be surely made a Bollywood movie.
Also the end words

Final Note :

If you can tolerate grammatical mistakes, and like Bollywood masala movies. This is for you.
This definitely wasn’t for me. I like Bollywood masala movie, but Aahh.. NAAAHHH !!!

I can’t divide the rating for this one, it was a 1/5 for me !



Gagan Madan is a simple and young author from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, who stepped into the world of literature with his first book Unfinished Friendship, which was received well by people. He is a self loving introvert and loves to writes on common people and their unique lives.

As a student he never liked studies and reading, but at twenty one he started his journey as a writer and he is now acknowledged as a youth role model. He prefers silence to talking.

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