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The Invincible Weapon

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Book : The Invincible Weapon
Author : Sowmya Putta
Pages : 244
Price : 249/-
Publication : Inkstate

Will bring back the childhood stories with a moral.


The story revolves around Mahadroni Kingdoms which are in threat of invisible enemies. Maharshi Gavishta returns to Gurukul, and asks each King of Mahadroni to send away their children to learn and be able to save their kingdom from enemies.
Many children are sent, but only six of them make it to Gurkul. Maharshi tells them they can acquire the ‘Invincible Weapon’ that can destroy invisible enemies. And the magic of reaching Gurukul and learning starts.
Abhi & Karu are brothers and have stayed & accompanied each other always. Will they both be able to join in Gurukul ?
How many will be dead before someone gets the invisible weapon ?
Will the enemies be gone ?

For all the questions to be answered, you need to read the book 🙂


I quite like the book, said to be for children I know adults will enjoy this too as much. I was nostalgic with the type of end the story had. We have always read books that gave us good moral at the end, and that’s what is the high point of this book.
You will not be sure, of what is about to happen. And suddenly you will be Awww-ed by the thinking of Authoress Sowmya.

The writing is simple, and no difficult words. There is magic and it deepens the writing and the story.
There is friendship, brotherhood, and humans that can die to keep their relationship alive.
There is evil, there is hatred and ill doings that makes it really close to reality.

I am not sure, what kids now-a-days read. But if as a child, you have loved reading the old mythological and panchtantra’s. Do give this one a read, this one will surely bring back a lot of memories of old times.

Final Note :

I will recommend it to be read, if you as a child loved reading stories about king/queen/kingdoms.

Cover: 3/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 4/5
Theme: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

*Thanks to publishers for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*
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The Shining Tiger


Book : The Shining Tiger
Author : Moshank Relia
Pages : 73
Price : 99/- (discounted)
Publication : Pigeon Post Literary Press

Children’s book that will take you to adventure of seeing a Shining Tiger.


This is my second book by Author Moshank Relia (Adventures in Farland) and it’s a children’s book again. I love reading light children books, because it takes off the heaviness of the world we live in.

Now and Then I keep going back to children’s books and keep them reading/re-reading it because that’s the least we can do to keep the child in us alive.
*enough about me and child in me :P*

I loved the simplicity of words used in the book, perfect for children. Adults can read it too (reason mentioned above 😉 ). The illustrations always add more imagination to the  story.

The story talks about friendship, adventure that we should take, and possibilities that life gives us. It reminded me of my grandmother, how she used to tell us stories while we wrapped us in the cozy blankets at winter times with hot milk glasses in our hands. *I loved the nostalgia this book gave me*

One little thing, that didn’t suit me well was the reason duo left the village. Had the reason been just adventure I would have loved it, but running away from bullying is not what we should teach our children rather facing the bully and be kind and make them understand why this won’t work.
Also would have loved to see more words to describe the main character of the book “The Shining Tiger”. But I guess it’s written in the language what kids would love and understand and imagine themselves more.

Final Note :

Give yourself a break from those lengthy, heart wrenching, deep books and pick this up. 🙂

Rating: 4/5

*Thanks to Author Moshank Relia for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*
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Seas of Crimson Silk



A dragon can be loyal forever, if you tame her first. But Sigrid would sooner be dead than tamed.

Dragon shifter Sigrid of Wildewyn has spent her life in a cage, quite literally. Whether she’s hidden from her own people, or masked so they cannot see her face, she’s dedicated her life to her country and king. But, when her king promises her to a rival warlord and Sultan of a country she hates, her loyalty is tested.

Nadir of Bymere was the boy king no one ever thought would sit on the throne. And though he knows his country is ruled by corrupt advisors, he’s lost himself in the glory of being Sultan. When they force him to marry a masked woman from the country who murdered his brother, he’s set to torture her for a lifetime.

Both hiding their own secrets, the two slowly realize there is more to both their kingdoms than they originally thought. With many in the kingdom who need help, Sigrid and Nadir must choose who they truly ally with: each other…or their kingdoms. Their choice will put either their hearts or their lives at risk.

Readers who devoured Game of Thrones, fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia, and enjoy a little blood with their slow burn romance will thrill to Seas of Crimson Silk!

Scroll up and one click today to discover the forbidden wastelands of Bymere and the truth behind all its veiled secrets




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The Friend


Book : The Friend
Author : Teresa Driscoll
Pages : 304
Price : 399/-
Publication : Thomas & Mercer

Thriller that will question your friends, or people whom you think you know. But do you know them ? Really ?


The Story revolves around the lives of Sophie, a housewife, mother of baby boy Ben and Emma a new resident of Tedbury Cross, comes to live with his son Theo.
At first interaction, Sophie knows that Emma is the one Friend she has been missing all this time.

But a homicide happened, and then there are rumours about Emma. People talking about where she came from, how she got so much money. Even Sophie’s husband Mark points out things for Emma. But Sophie know’s Emma is nothing but innocent, dealing with his son Theo’s sudden selective mutism may be the reason.

And then, today Sophie is on train, away from her son Ben. She trusted Emma to keep Ben accompany Theo while she made a travel to surprise Mark. But what happens while she is away ?
There is an accident, who is hurt?
Is there something she should know before she reaches the hospital?

For all unanswered questions, you need to read this one.



This is my first novel by Author Teresa and I have heard so many good things about her previous novel I am Watching you. Which was a thriller too, so I had high hopes.
And to say, it didn’t match the hype. Sometimes, there are things that you can pinpoint that this didn’t work. Sadly, in The Friend case, I am unable to point that out.

I think the story is mostly given away to readers in the Blurb, but wait till you reach the End. There is twist and turns, some are predictable, and some are WHAT..??

The novel is divided into past and present of Sophie. Past shows about Sophie’s relation with everyone, her wish to have a second baby, and so much more. The present is about Sophie’s worry, which child is more hurt, who has gone into operation, etc.
The phase change was okay, but sometimes due to this, the dialogues got mixed up and until you read few lines you will not know in whose context you are reading.

About characters
Sophie is really a weak person mentally(until the epilogue, because she is changed). She know’s her life is not going anywhere, yet she doesn’t do anything about it.

Emma is one person who everyone knows is not good, yet Teresa tried to keep an equilibrium about her. She was definitely mysterious, but not in a good way.

I loved Helen, her interactions were Sophie were what I craved for more. She was like a pillar to Sophie in need. But then again, her character was given very much less light.

There were characters who came and went away. I particularly didn’t like the special appearances of Melanie & Mattew, as these weren’t justified much. Just the backdrop of what happened in France was brought to light through them. *Spoiler*(which to say is another twist) 😛

Things that worked out for me :

> There is a learning from the book, not about friendship, but I now know there is something called Selective Mutism which can cover up child. I love it when I take away such things from a novel. (extra star just for this)
> Friendship between Sophie and Helen. It was pure, and what I think everyone should have. It warmed my heart.
> Stating past and present together can lead to a lot of confusion to some people. But for me, it was also a reason to get a thrill. Because I knew there is something bad to happen in the future(when reading past)

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> The story felt stretched a lot. There were twist that started from 70th page or so, and it got it’s ending in the last 20 pages. Well by then, we all have kinda guessed it. So it was a let down for me.
> Due to past-present the dialogue got mixed. Like it was Emma who was talking, and due to pre-text I thought it’s still Sophie talking/thinking.> There were screens/characters which weren’t actually required, like Emma visits Sophie in Lizard, Melanie & Tom’s love angel.
> The Epilogue, this is the first book whose epilogue has the content we are looking for in the whole book. It was the length of a whole chapter, more than what conclusions should read like

Final Note :

This one is surely not for new readers, the changes from past to present can lead to confusion. If you love thrillers, especially those with women in the center this one is for you.

Cover: 3.5/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 3/5
Theme: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.4/5

*Thanks to Writers Melon for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*


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Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma (Book 2)



After a defeat at the hands of Lord Kali, Kalki Hari must journey towards the Mahendragiri mountains with his companions to finally become the avatar he is destined to be.
But the road ahead is not without peril . . .
Not only is he trapped by the cannibalistic armies of the Pisach, he is also embroiled in the civil war of the Vanars. And in midst of all this, he meets a face from the legends.
Meanwhile, Manasa, the sister of the late Vasuki, plots to overthrow Lord Kali by bringing a massive war to his kingdom. But Naagpuri, her homeland, has been infiltrated by their sworn enemy, the Suparns. Not only does she need to protect her kingdom from the Suparns, she must also protect her close ones from the league of conspirators at her own home. Who can she really trust? And will she be able to put an end to Lord Kali’s rule?
As the plot thickens and Lord Kali sees his ambition crushed right before his eyes, he comes to know about his race and its history that threatens to destroy the very fabric of this world’s reality.
Kalyug has begun.
Can Kalki become the avatar in time before it finally unfolds?
Will Manasa fight through the internal politics to bring an invasion against Lord Kali?
Can the secret that changes everything change Lord Kali as a person too?


KALKI Book- 2 is here!!! Can I be OVER EXCITED please ?? I love mytho’s and when I read Book -1, last year I couldn’t wait for the part 2. Partially because I can’t wait to read the series in parts I love them in one go, and  partially because I HAD SO MANY QUESTIONS after part 1 ended!!!!

You can read my review for Kalki -1 HERE –> Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu

Cover review :
I am loving, how the colors are still kept as Book – 1 Dharmayoddha Kalki. Though we can see, that the terrain’s of war is changed. Book 1 was mostly fought in around village Shambhala, hence the forest ground. Book 2 is given the hills/mountains ground waiting to find where the war took place in Book 2 – Satyayoddha Kalki.
Kalki’s weapons have surely been upgraded in this one. Also, he has got a fitter body 😉 How can you not see that ‘V’ body structure I mean *well being a Virgo girl has certain advantages, I see things*
Two things, that looked a bit off compared to cover of the first book. Firstly, why is he holding the sword that ways ? I mean, I haven’t seen anyone holding a sword that ways and killing anyone.
Secondly, the placement of quiver (arrow holder), in Book – 1 it was in the right side (that is applicable for right handed people ). Don’t tell me he turned left hand in Book – 2 ??

OMG, my writer’s block is gone..!! I will be back to pending reviews soon.

Until then, you go and treat yourself with Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma (Book 2) HERE
also you if you have missed the beginning, make sure you read Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu (Book 1) HERE

Watch The Cover Reveal Video


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Batman’s Guide to Life: Breaking myths since 1994


Book : Batman’s Guide to Life: Breaking myths since 1994
Author : Chetan Soni
Edition : Kindle(e-read)
FREE on Kindle Unlimited
Publication : Half Baked Beans

Okay! So finally Batman is out in the light, at daytime, in front of the public without the mask.
And what he brings to you? Sarcasm!
Because that’s what he asked from the Divine, Lord!

Super easy read, with text not only sarcastic, but also philosophical. I am bad with sarcasm, and have seen some of Chetan’s sarcasm in the HBB group. I stay away from Batman because I am a fan of the Joker, and you can never trust Batman-Joker. 😛

Coming back to the Book, the book consists of super short quotes(but some are deep), and a love story in the end.
Quotes/Text are good, that some will surely hit your funny bone, some will make you think, and for me, some I didn’t understood (I am too lame I guess).
But the story, aah, it was stereotyped to the core. I like love stories, but this was so predictable. Of course, given the length of the whole book, there was not much to give depth to characters and all.

The language is simple.A light yet deep blend with humor, surely make you take away things after the read.

I love reading Acknowledgments and Prologues, and to tell you the truth the Prologue here gives you a kick in what you are about to read. Starts from what does a Prologue mean, to why since 1994 😀

Words that touched

Life is always black and white. People are grey.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
He dragged his body to work everyday.
His soul still seeing the last night’s dream lying on the bed.


Final Note :

If you want to start reading, this one is the perfect you can start with. A light yet deep blend with humor, surely make you take away things after the read. Go buy for yourself, after all it’s FREE FREE FREE in here

Overall: 3.2/5

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Table for One


Book : Table for One
Author : Neha Bindal
Pages : 117
Price : 199/-
Publication : Half Baked Beans

Light, easy, refreshing read that will give you, Queen meets, DDLJ and English Vinglish vibes.


Taara Maheshwari, a 31-year-old unmarried girl living her life in the restrictions created by her father. Happily siting and having fun with family, but just from outside, inside she craves for more, more from her family and more from her life.
Her parents keep brushing the marriage topic to her on and off, until one day she sees DDLJ playing in the background and agrees to her parents wish to get married. BUT ON ONE CONDITION ! She wish to travel alone to Europe before her marriage. Reluctant Indian parents don’t agree to her demands, but give in when they think of the outcome after this trip.

Taara visits places, meets people. Is this what her heart always wanted?
Will she find the “more” she always wanted from life?
Will she finally tie in the knot to the person her father has finalized ?

For all this, and more you need to read the book 🙂


First things, first I LOVED the cover, it gives such soothing, travel vibes. All I want to do is pack my backpack and leave the country too.
Language was simple and easy to understand. There is the of other languages as well, but it’s too minimum to cause any hindrance to the story. Hindi touch sometimes adds up pretty good in some novels, and here it did same.
But at the same time, saying “blah blah blah” to any non-understanding language is an insult. Instead, it could have been handled more mature ways, like Taara simply saying “I couldn’t understand” or something.

There were too many parts, where my mind remembered number of Bollywood movies. References like Girl says yes to marriage, only after a Europe trip, the church scene, and some more reminded me of DDLJ
If we look closely the story is so much inspired with Kangana Ranaut’s Queen movie. “INSPIRED” not copied , that while imagining Taara my mind always thought of Kangana somehow.

The writing made it very easy to imagine the situations, the places and the fun she was having. We could see the whole transformation of Taara in these 117 pages. From a fearful girl, with family pressures turned into a wanderluster (is that even a word eh ?) and someone who in the end took a step that her heart allowed, and didn’t go with the flow of things happening.

Loved the chapter titles they were apt for the content of chapter and those quotes by famous people aptly went with the novel.

Writing style of Authoress, Neha reminded me of articles that was shown/written by Carry Bradshaw in Sex & the City. They always had that edge of questions at the end, and they were two faced. Also italics of deep meaningful words were good at starting, but by the middle whenever I saw italics font coming, I knew there will be a question, or a thought, or meaningful words etc which took my sense completely to that part rather than current part I am reading 😛 (sounds weird right ? but it happened :-/)

Having said above all that, there were a few things that my over thinking mind couldn’t take.

**** New section ****

Weird Things

>> Going to a new city, and Taara’s over precious parents didn’t call her? They were shown too protective of her in starting, and suddenly Europe made them vanish. I would have loved to read about them in novel every now and them.

>> The simple novel turned into quiet an erotica ! WHY ? There was absolutely no need for that, a clean novel is also liked by everyone. We can simply say, they made love instead of describing THINGS!

>> The age of Taara is mentioned quite a lot in starting. I mean, yes, it matters that a 30 year unmarried thinking of taking such trips, leaving a job. But really, does age actually matters? I mean any age “girl” doing such things will make NEWS !! 😛

>> The stone, that beautifully came to Taara’s escape in starting lost its way in the mid. And suddenly came in at the end. Well, please let the stone be there like in every situation 😀

>> Where did Charu go? There were two sisters right ? And after one night I couldn’t see why Charu isn’t accompanying Purvi anymore.

Things that worked out for me :

> BEA-U-TIFUL Cover, the Title and the story in general.
> Loved the description of places Taara visited.
> Emotions were shown plain and simple yet deep, and I could connect with them (except some)

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> There were parts in the story that I wish were given more read-time, too many loose ends. (mentioned in weird things’ section)
> The steamy action wasn’t required at all. Sometimes things can be left unsaid and to be felt loved.
> The end was kind of cliffhanger, it left me with so many questions. (Is she working now ? How her parents reacted to the fact that things didn’t work out as she said before leaving.) Well, I am a very caring person, and it makes my duty to know about the character I invested in.

Authoress Neha Bindal YOU NEED TO WRITE A SEQUEL, to answer above . 😀

Words that touched

No matter who we are, what we do, or where we live, deep inside we all feel incomplete. It’s like we have lost something and need to get it back. Just what that something is, most of us never find out. And of those who do, even fewer manage to go out and look for it.

Like the houses we build, the sky was also a shelter to few.

Alone wasn’t just a closed dark room anymore but a whole wide world full of opportunities. I needed to explore and occupy the vastness of the world inside of me, which until now I hadn’t truly understood.

Memories is a beautiful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past. – Before Sunrise (movie)

We are all taught that the most beautiful part of a fairytale is “happily ever after”. But we fail to notice that all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”. Once. It all happened. It was all real. Once.

Final Note :

Wanna go out and travel Europe in words ? This is for you. A short, light breeze in that hectic day of yours..

Cover: 3.5/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 2.5/5 (blurb gives vibes of queen/DDLJ a lot, and it just doesn’t justify the whole other things novel brings to us)
Theme: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.3/5

*Thanks to Half Baked Beans for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*


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Seductive Affair


Book : Seductive Affair
Author : Rishabh Puri
Pages : 173
Price : 175/-
Publication : Srishti Publishers Distributors

Nothing seductive about this one.


The story revolves in and around Prisha & her mind. Prisha a career oriented girl, who calls off her marriage when she finds the “one” says No to work after marriage.
She gets an exciting new job is in a media house, where she is attracted towards a fellow colleague Rajesh . And he pretends not to like her, until they are set off to a seminar to cover in a “city”. Rajesh is running an under secret project other that what they are coming to cover.
Prisha, discovers it sooner that Rajesh is working up to something. And soon both are working on the secret project without telling the Editor Priya who has sent them for other work.

Will this undercover ever make to the Front page ?
Will Prisha who has fallen in love with the co-worker ever get the feelings reciprocated ?
What will happen when the Editor finds out what’s really happening in the “city”.


Okay! So here it is, the story didn’t make any connection with me. May be first few pages did, but then the plot took a whole new thing, and poof it was gone.

Definitely a quick read, language is simple, easy to understand. No big words used to explain things. Plain and simple. But that’s it, that’s the good thing about this one :-/

Sadly, nothing from the Cover-Title, to the blurb, to the Story, has any connection.
Cover-Title is inclined towards some dark romance, an affair which will somehow be erotica or at least “Seductive”. Well na, na ! Nothing of that sort, the girl fell in love with a man, and he soon reciprocated it. Followed by “sex” (off course), where every time they used a “condom”. Protection in romance is very necessary. Right Eh?
Let’s come to Blurb, it sounds like a Thriller Romantic which we are going to read. But umm.. na na !! Thriller is so minimal that it ends as soon as you think of any Affair happening, which then ends with a “twist” of bringing in the EX. (new eh?) 😐
The novel ends with an “ALWAYS”, my heart screamed out loud. Being an HP fan, well the reference should be made in Apt conditions, and this one has been just (another eh!!) :3
Story, had so many flaws, or I should say there were so many weird instances that being a Virgo(sun sign) and a little OCD for details, I rolled my eyes. What is this!

**** New section ****

Weird Things

>> It’s sad that character names itself isn’t identical on Blurb and in Story. Prisha Khatri, Rajesh Lagheri (Blurb). Prisha Laghari (introduction of novel)

>> The so-called “conference” city was messed up so bad! Priya told its Bengaluru, and then plane reaches Mumbai, and then around the end we hear Priya saying again “across the country”. Where did actually this all happened?

>> 2 weeks into a job, and Editor gives you an undercover? Really??

>> Prisha’s marriage was called off because she wanted to work, and then she get’s into this “affair” where she was ready to lose her job. To weird right?

Final Note :

If you are reading this, because of Title or Blurb. Well it’s not like that, but if you want an easy romance novel with kick of erotica. Go ahead.

Overall: 1.5/5

*Thanks to Author for providing review copy in return of an honest review.*


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A Cage of Desires

DSC_1462 - Copy

Book : Cage of Desire
Author : Shuchi Singh Kalra
Pages : 216
Price : 150/-
Publication : Penguin India

Women centric, but erotica.


The story is about Renu, a house maker, who takes care of her children and father-in-law while her husband works outside city for a good income. Renu being a “good” daughter-in-law keeps in the limit set by her husband and in-laws. But are these the only desires, she has? To be a good wife? To be a good daughter-in-law?

Maya on the other hand, is a lady who has wooed men with her bold writings. She has authored the books, that people read at nights when the lights are closed. She is the one, desired by many men. And one of them is Renu’s husband.
Will these three ever get at a joint juncture? What will happen to their life then?

Arjun a good guy enters the story, and rents in the room at Renu’s house. Is he actually a good guy? While he is a successful person, he also is flawed with being a playboy. Will his nature turn around when he finds someone who will fulfill his desires?


The book puts forward a very strong message that, not all women are to be caged inside the boundary community has set. It also talks about the flaws, out society has of Men can desire any Women, but Women can’t even desire to be a Woman!
The message is strong, but what I couldn’t get through were the erotic and bold contents of the book. I am not very fond of erotica, and that’s where the novel lost me. I paused 3 times to finish it up, due to the bold contents that took all the sense of the reader instead of story.

The language used is simple, but sometimes events are too descriptive. In starting the story had a mystery involved, but it too was short-lived. The cover of book and the title is such apt and I loved the cover that surely raised a curiosity about what we are going to read.

Let’s talk about Characters now,

Renu, our protagonist a housewife who desires to be something more. Completely lost me, once she entered a boundary where her desires can be very ill for her children. Yes, we live in a society where our children’s learn from us. So instead of being selfish, maybe she should have done something else to fill her desire.

Dev, his character is being etched very less and I craved to see more of him. He was ALWAYS away as a husband and is shown with the typical mindset of, Men can love anyone, but Women need permission to be herself.

Arjun, a character that I had eyed since the beginning. I thought, maybe he will be different, different from those shown in our “Bollywood” movies. But alas, my palace of dreams was shattered, when he became so intolerant that his character couldn’t justify why he did certain things. His actions changed so frequently, and made me confuse about was he to be pitied or angered on sometimes.

Mihir, one character that wasn’t required.

Akriti, has turned major events and yet her character wasn’t given that much light. She came in to support main characters and was lost again until they needed her again.

Children, well I would have loved to know, about what happened to children when Renu felt she wanted liberation, she wanted to be free from her being only a “housewife” tag. Renu’s closeness with her daughter is shown from the start, but I couldn’t see what she felt when she came to know WHY her parents did . In such situations children are the first one to get the most hit out of such situation. But till the end we don’t see them. Because we already read about them in Prologue that they are FINE!!

Didn’t find the use of Arjun coming back, and “those scene”.

If the author wanted to show that Women is not made to bind inside the walls of society and can do, feel whatever she desires. Then Mihir’s character was written just to oppose it. May be it would have made more sense, if she was shown happy on her own. Rather than binding her happiness, on another man. Which is again very contradicting to what the book stands for.

Things that worked out for me :

> The message book wanted to deliver, that everyone has a right to fly out and not cage inside societies boundaries.
> Language is simple and easy to understand.

Things that didn’t worked for me :

> Characters, I would have loved to see some characters more, and some not at all.
> Erotic content made is very difficult for me to read book in one sitting.

Final Note :

A women centric book, if you like erotic content and can read them then go for it.

Cover: 3/5
Title: 2.5/5
Blurb: 2.5/5
Theme: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Overall: 2.4/5

*Thanks to Author for providing a review copy in return of an honest review.*
Sorry for the delay in posting review.
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A Date for Hannah – Release Blitz

A Date for Hannah is now live!

Special Release Day Pricing of Only $0.99!

Amazon (US):
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Early Reviewers are LOVING A Date for Hannah!

“A beautiful story that’s universally relatable as well as irresistible.”
“A Date for Hannah is the sweetest, most unique and bravest thing I’ve ever read.”
“Don’t hesitate to read this sweet story, you will love it too!!”
Series: Love is for Everyone
Genre: YA Romance
Fans of Hallmark movies and sweet stories of first love will adore Callie Henry’s new series!
High-schooler, Hannah, has always been self-conscious about her weight, so when hottie swimmer, Liam, pays her extra attention at her sister’s wedding, she has a hard time trusting his interest. Throughout the evening, Liam’s charm wins her over, until they’re falling hard for each other. But the next day, Hannah learns something that may ruin it all.
All stories in the LIFE (Love is for Everyone) series portray true-to-life, teen-aged characters, with real personalities and common issues, who experience the lightning bolt of first love in their own, individual ways!

Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK):
Amazon (CA):
Amazon (AU):

Celebrate the Release

Come join the amazing party happening in Katy’s Ladies

There will tons of fun, games, and giveaways!

About the Author

Callie Henry is the YA pen name of New York Times bestselling contemporary romance author, Katy Regnery
Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children, two dogs, and one Blue Tonkinese kitten create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories begin at home.

Keep in Touch

Instagram: @katyregnery