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My DaD..!!

My Dad is not strongest,
yet he helped me to walk straight whenever I fell.

My Dad is not richest,
         yet he gave me everything I ever demanded for.

My Dad is not joker,
         yet he helped me smile whenever I was sad.

My Dad is not my best friend,
         yet he is everywhere whenever I need him.

My Dad is not so handsome,
         yet he is the first man I fell in love with.

My Dad is not young,
         yet he understand my anger and mood swings.

My Dad is not a teacher,
         yet he try to teach me as much of life as he can.

My Dad is not the best dad,

         yet he just Perfect for me..!!

I dunno, where…what.. I will be without my Papa..!!
He is the pillar of our house..
The light in our darkest time..
A pillow for a hard surface..
A companion when we need to talk..

Love you loads Papa.. 🙂 🙂
Sorry for all the mistakes….
Thanks for understanding and forgiving them every time 🙂
(c) smilempsn

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