Differnce between Me n God..!!

Differnce between Me n God..!!

Well well well..
I am not an atheist…. But just for a thought purpose making it clear.. that we should do, what we can DO !!
We are not God’s nor God can take our place…

All the increase in rape crimes these days, I feel like why does God plan all this ? Well yesh, I believe in destiny..luck… So if God wanted, he could have stopped the crime…rite ??

But I guess he too has got pissed off with Us..
Cleaning all our dirty works…

He made us HUMANS, who can do something with our BRAINS, but now-a-days our brains work in some different direction…

Just a gentle reminder to the Human race ,
Its God who created us and our world…. But its our duty and a gift back to God, to make this world beautiful…..

Just Happy ^-^


Well I totally have this funda ….
When all the people in world want to be on the TOP of a position… Get Increments… Appraisals… Job Change… Girl Friend…Boy Friend…Love..Wealth…Popular…

I just want to be Happy..!!

Because what usually people forget is, after they get what they want yet they would need more.
A person who is not Happy in his current state (of mind) , he cannot be Happy anywhere else… 🙂 🙂

Well many come and say, its lot easier to cry in a BMW instead of crying on a bicycle. So a reply to all those people are, if we think that we will ‘CRY’ for sure….then even BWM cannot make you happy ever…!!

Do What You WANT..!!

Do What You WANT..!!

I totally agree to this…

All our life’s we are busy in doing things what ‘seem correct’
Things that ‘others’ want…
Things that ‘will give us’ respect…

Start from tomorrow,
Do what you FEEL like doing..
Say what your HEART wants to say..
Smile as much as u CAN..
Talk to your parents to show them u CARE…

Life has given us One Chance… Lets make the most of It….
By doing what can make US HAPPY..!! ^-^

Be Blessed… n Be Happy Always U lovely people out there… 🙂 🙂