Result Time : Indian Lok Sabha Election 2014

Today world wide eyes are waiting for the TURN, which Indian Election will take.
However, the BJP’s WAVE of ‘AB KI BAAR MODI SARKAAR’ was so powerfull that it drowed the Congress in deep down. But still people are hitting all the news channel, different sites. To find out the LEAD which BJP will take over any other Political Party.

Results 2014 for key cabinet ministers of UPA-I


Current Status :



Credits :  Economic Times , India Today

Mothers Day ’14


Today is the day we pay…

A little Tribute to them, who has seen us in our good..bad..senti..mental..funny moods..

A little Tribute to them, who gave us the strength of being a good person in this Big Bad world..

A little Tribute to them, who cried for us from the very first cry of ours..

A little Tribute to them, who gave us the courage to face anything..anywhere..

A little Tribute to them, whom we call Maa..Mom…Mommy..Mummaa..Mummy..A Friend.. Daddi.. Nanii.. Bua.. Massii.. Chachi.. Sister(turned into a maa now) ..

A tribute to those lovely ladies who travel in and out of our mind whole day.. Still happily stands in the kitchen to prepare our night supper…

Happy Mothers day to your Maa too.. ^_^

with luv,

..smilempsn.. 🙂 🙂 ..

The Dark Knight..

Daily Prompt Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

My office is day time.. And I work well that time, but if you ask me..
If I want to be

A NIGHT Owl                            OR The EARLY Bird..
Image Image

I will surely take the OWL..

I mean, I feel so alive, when I see
The Darkness of Night..
The Light of the Moon..
The Silence on the Roads..

It bring me back all the things, which run from me in day time… That is,
The Noise in my Head..
The Memories of my Past..
The Regrets of my heartaches..
The Smiles with my friends..
The Sadness without my friends..
The Pain to leave my family..
The Journey to be with my family…

So yes, all the cherished moments I feel alive is NIGHT..

At nights I spend my time watching Moon for hours.. 🙂
or Keep my Music On with Shuffle mode ON, and rewind many of moments of my Life..!!

Photo Credits : to Me only..

The owl was one day sitting on our flat’s window ,trying to Sleep.. 🙂
And the Bird, was found on my Blue Mountain, Sydney Trip 🙂

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