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Differnce between Me n God..!!

Differnce between Me n God..!!

Well well well..
I am not an atheist…. But just for a thought purpose making it clear.. that we should do, what we can DO !!
We are not God’s nor God can take our place…

All the increase in rape crimes these days, I feel like why does God plan all this ? Well yesh, I believe in destiny..luck… So if God wanted, he could have stopped the crime…rite ??

But I guess he too has got pissed off with Us..
Cleaning all our dirty works…

He made us HUMANS, who can do something with our BRAINS, but now-a-days our brains work in some different direction…

Just a gentle reminder to the Human race ,
Its God who created us and our world…. But its our duty and a gift back to God, to make this world beautiful…..


4 thoughts on “Differnce between Me n God..!!

  1. But can one argue God did do something to stop the rapist, God created “you” or depending on the spirituality, expressed itself as you who are passionate enough to stop it.


    1. well offcourse….. And we try for spending the message… But the effects in return are soooooooooooo SLOW…And dunnoo when will all this will EVER stop…..
      So, I want God to stop that….
      I want his blessings in (I mean we all)….. just to recreate the humans…. 😐 πŸ™‚


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