Meddle : DP Challenge

Daily Prompt Word : Meddle

Her life was a shore,
thoughts meddled around like stones,
& her mind never kept silent.

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I Miss You (50 words)

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty


I miss his talks, I miss his Smile..
I miss the walks, that we had for a while.
I miss his computer, I miss his seat..
I miss the way he sings without beat…
I miss his message, I miss our fight..
I miss him saying ,you are not Right..!!

50 words are not enough to express how badly I am missing one of my very good friend…. 😦

Photo Credit : I don’t remember.. As this pic was saved on my Computer from somewhere…

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I read our old chats ‘AGAIN’..!!


Well most of the time, it happens with me..
That at same time I am surrounded by many people at once..
And suddenly, there is no one around..

Not just once…twice..thrice… and it has happened to me 1000000th times may be..
Suddenly all the people I know, go..disappear..back off from me..
I don’t know the reason..

And so I very frequently go back…to the time, we were talking…chatting..having good time together..
All those moments are captured in the chats/pings/messages we exchanged…
All those times when I said you to sleep, and u said no..
All those times when I asked u , if u had your lunch/dinner.. and u said no..

All that we had is/was wonderful.. then where did it go suddenly..??
All that I said, was so true.. then why didn’t u got its meaning..??
All that I felt from u side was so pure.. then why didn’t we headed in the same direction..??

Why we are no more friends now..
Why don’t u call me now..
Why don’t u message me now..
Why don’t we chat now..
Why don’t I look forward for the day now,like I used to..

And the questions will be unanswered forever..

All I know now is, that people are meant to be lonely.. May be not today..just this moment, but someday..
I have been been with people and still feel alone for so long. That now, being with people means nothing to me I guess. But being alone surely HURTS a LOT..!!

Its hurts not to talk to someone u used to talk..
It hurts not to see them, like you used to..
It hurts that you are not center of there life anymore..

Because time change..
Circumstances change..
People change..
Fate change..
And moreover.. ‘Our TASTE Change’ …

And I just don’t like Changes..

I know people might like this post boring..or some might thing what a loser girl she is..
But believe me, I have been in this position now for a week.. Have written so much, still So much needs to be shared.
So thought of finally posting one of THE DAY’s of my life..
where I go back.. and read the CHATS with my friends…


Loneliness is a good feeling when it is created by Our self..

But it is the Worst feeling when it is gifted by others…


Relationship Status: Committed…to My Silence….

Silence between two unknown people makes a relation..
Silence between two know people breaks a relation..


I totally believe in that Quote… And then also I still go with Second choice…
To keep myself in the Solitude of MY SILENCE

Because, sometimes…
It’s hard to explain only in words…
Because, sometimes…
Words can’t express what we feel deep inside…
Because, sometimes…
Deep inside we are dying, but seeing the person happy with other… Makes us Happy…
Because, sometimes..
Our not the only thing we should strive for..
Because, sometimes..
We just need to keep things within Us..

Times where I have been Silent... and Silent is still what I get, remembering those moments..

  • My Grandparents…had a Great life… and they left… I wasn’t there, at their last moments..

I wasn’t able to give my regards…for everything they taught me…
I wasn’t able to show my love…for everything they did to raise me..
Here I stand in their thoughts.. But all I am is… SILENT….

  • The one whom I loved (still do).. 🙂 .. he gave me reason to SMILE more..

He is the reason.. I am ‘smilempsn’..
He is the reason.. I understood what loving someone can make you..
He is the reason.. I believe, that Love can happen to anyone..anywhere..
He got married…have an angel baby girl… We don’t talk now..
And Here again I stand with all his memories filled in me… But all I am is SILENT…
I wish I had the courage to , tell him what I felt.. But all I did was.. I was SILENT… and I still am…. 🙂

  • My close friends.. not just 1..2..3.. but many…

Became unknown… left me for places they would be better in…
Just because, I wasn’t able to say them…. ‘Don’t Go… Stay here, with Me…’
Just because, I wasn’t able to say them…. ‘You Me…’
Just because, I wasn’t able to tell them…. How much they mean to Me…
Just because, all I was SILENT.. when they left me…


One of my friends quoted me so well…

You talk too much.. But you say very less

I don’t know, that’s his line.. or Quoted from somewhere else…
But I totally agree to it… I talk sooo much…. but when I need to say something.. I just can’t…

I can’t say… that I will Miss you, to a person saying me goodbye..
I can’t say… that I love you, to a person whom I love most..
I can’t say… that because of you I am what I am, to my Parents..Grandparent..Because I think that’s obvious..
I can’t say… No to things.. I don’t like..
I can’t say… Yes… immediately… to think I want..
I can’t say…
I can’t share…
And I can’t stop feeling…

All this is inside me.. Somewhere.. Trying to opening up…
But all I hear is SILENCE outside….



World Turns Red *V-Day Special*

ImageAs the world turns Red,

on the most romantic day of the year..

With all Roses..& hearts around..

I have no one, even to frown..



It’s said Love is in the Air,

but sometimes you don’t even care..

You stood by for him on his ground,

and thinking about him now,

 you feel like your thoughts are drowned…



Few of talks..

Few of walks..

Don’t mean much now,

as there is nothing left somehow…


Every piece is broken into two,

One he got and you left your without any clue..

He is fine now, & he will be fine always,

but without him you will always be in a maze..




A maze that doesn’t end..

A maze that doesn’t blend..

A maze that won’t grow..

A maze that will slowly swallow..

(c) smilempsn

Thoughts just came to my mind…

Enjy the day of love, with your loved onces..

Be Blessed…

-smilempsn..:) 🙂 ..