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Its a Gooooood Day..!!


Not everyday we wake up, we feel like we can win over the world. But on the days we don’t, the difference is our attitude towards it.

Lets give life it’s chance and enjoy every moment it brings.

To Who may ever it reaches,

Have a great day..!!

~mpsn ^_^

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Meddle : DP Challenge

Daily Prompt Word : Meddle

Her life was a shore,
thoughts meddled around like stones,
& her mind never kept silent.

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The Dark Knight..

Daily Prompt Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

My office is day time.. And I work well that time, but if you ask me..
If I want to be

A NIGHT Owl                            OR The EARLY Bird..
Image Image

I will surely take the OWL..

I mean, I feel so alive, when I see
The Darkness of Night..
The Light of the Moon..
The Silence on the Roads..

It bring me back all the things, which run from me in day time… That is,
The Noise in my Head..
The Memories of my Past..
The Regrets of my heartaches..
The Smiles with my friends..
The Sadness without my friends..
The Pain to leave my family..
The Journey to be with my family…

So yes, all the cherished moments I feel alive is NIGHT..

At nights I spend my time watching Moon for hours.. 🙂
or Keep my Music On with Shuffle mode ON, and rewind many of moments of my Life..!!

Photo Credits : to Me only..

The owl was one day sitting on our flat’s window ,trying to Sleep.. 🙂
And the Bird, was found on my Blue Mountain, Sydney Trip 🙂

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World Turns Red *V-Day Special*

ImageAs the world turns Red,

on the most romantic day of the year..

With all Roses..& hearts around..

I have no one, even to frown..



It’s said Love is in the Air,

but sometimes you don’t even care..

You stood by for him on his ground,

and thinking about him now,

 you feel like your thoughts are drowned…



Few of talks..

Few of walks..

Don’t mean much now,

as there is nothing left somehow…


Every piece is broken into two,

One he got and you left your without any clue..

He is fine now, & he will be fine always,

but without him you will always be in a maze..




A maze that doesn’t end..

A maze that doesn’t blend..

A maze that won’t grow..

A maze that will slowly swallow..

(c) smilempsn

Thoughts just came to my mind…

Enjy the day of love, with your loved onces..

Be Blessed…

-smilempsn..:) 🙂 ..

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Simple yet Difficult…


ImageSimple words like ‘You are loved can make someone feel happy, wanted and can give every good feeling.

Simple words,
                  Difficult to be said..
                                Difficult to be understood..
                                               Difficult to be imagined.

Let’s make someone happy, but just telling them that they are loved. No moment can come once gone.

Show your loved ones,
that you care..
that you love..
that they are the one of the reason you feel happy everyday..
that they are the one who make your life worth living..

Don’t just tell.. Show them too 🙂


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FriendShip Menance

(wrote this bit of piece few days ago, was talking to my close friends and felt to write it…)


To the friends who are near and dear,
I want to make it so very clear…

All the flaws I have, don’t make it count,
All the sadness I gave you doesn’t have any account…

I had been mad since long now,
And I don’t want to correct it somehow…

I feel sorry… I feel sad for the words I speak,,
But sometimes my mind cannot control its wild streak…

I know I put u under pressure,
But that just my love’s gesture..

It’s easy to be alone rather being together,
As there is less heart broken pieces to gather…

(feel free to tell your views on this piece…or anything else if you wanna share 🙂 )