Me – NOW

Heya All..
It since long years, that I have started blog. But I went missing in between, I know my mistake.
But now I am back, and I will try to be as much social as I can.

Recently, I have started Book reviewing’s. I have also opened my bookstagram account. Find me on insta @night.bibliophile

My writing skills are still going on, and you can find me on insta @mpsn_fables
Would love to have a comment about how you find it.


So if you are a book lover, do follow me. If you are a book blog, let me know to follow you too ^_^

I am still working in Software Industry same company. But I am back at home. At LAST !! I know I know, it was a relief for me..

Apart from it, nothing much.

Feel free to connect, and I would love to connect back.

Happy Reading, And don’t forget to SMILE 🙂


With Love,
mpsn ^_^


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