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For You – My Legacy – My Care & My Love ^_^

Daily Prompt.. surely Prompt bloggers like me to think OUT OF THE BOX…
Here is another Amazing Prompt… Don’t You Forget About Me

It just doesn’t let you thik about yesterday…today..this moment..tommorrow… but a far away moment i.e. after you are gone.

To leave a Legacy… for anyone if I could…..



I would leave my Love..Care and Blessing for them…


I am just 29 yrs old.. and since I have understood myself, I have taken a lot of Care for my friends and my family…

My College friends call me our Groups “Mommy“.. They say, I take too much care of them.
My Roommates call me “Mother Teresa“.. As I give too much… Too much of my time… my thoughts…fun filled memories… anything.. I have, I give them πŸ™‚

Even thought they get frustrate by that CARE sometimes. Still my care for the doesn’t change.

E.g. For being called my Group’s Mommy…
There are many instances when they consider me as Mommy… Like, we have attended some late eve lecture/practical. I made sure, that everyone give missed call or message after they reach home. And it was just not applied to girls but guys too in our Group πŸ™‚

I have two little twins sisters… I call them my heartbeat… Even though my Maa always have taken care of us Sisters so well.. Still I have this affection and care towards my sisters… That sometimes, I even tell my Maa to take more care of my baccha’s (my sisters) ..

I hurt so many people by sometimes I talk… or take extra special care… Because they are Grown up, and don’t need to be taken care of…
Even though I get hurt in return… I still CARE for them…


Well If I leave this world.. I would love to leave my never ending Care .. and Love to my dear and near ones..
So that they are always protected from all the bad things.. and Godji always bless them with more

Thanks a lot to Daily Prompt, for giving me a thought for what I have never thought πŸ™‚

Be Blessed…

-smilmpsn πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ..


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