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World Turns Red *V-Day Special*

ImageAs the world turns Red,

on the most romantic day of the year..

With all Roses..& hearts around..

I have no one, even to frown..



It’s said Love is in the Air,

but sometimes you don’t even care..

You stood by for him on his ground,

and thinking about him now,

 you feel like your thoughts are drowned…



Few of talks..

Few of walks..

Don’t mean much now,

as there is nothing left somehow…


Every piece is broken into two,

One he got and you left your without any clue..

He is fine now, & he will be fine always,

but without him you will always be in a maze..




A maze that doesn’t end..

A maze that doesn’t blend..

A maze that won’t grow..

A maze that will slowly swallow..

(c) smilempsn

Thoughts just came to my mind…

Enjy the day of love, with your loved onces..

Be Blessed…

-smilempsn..:) 🙂 ..


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