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Happiness ^-^

ImageWhen someone does something good, Applaud.!!

You will make two people happy ^-^

Lets spread happiness but just a small part on our side.. Making someone happy, makes you happy too..

Because unlike sadness , happiness is Contagious.. Give one of ur smile to someone in crowed room and suddenly you see the whole room is SMILING..!!

Thatz the thing of SMILE.. it never goes unnoticed.. and is Reciprocated with sometimes slight smile…sometimes BIG Smile.. sometimes HUGE Laugh.. But it will be replied.. Thatz the reason we many a time smile even when we are sad about something… because we know if ‘We can’t make ourself Happy, no one else can’ πŸ™‚

So stay Happy… to make your World Happy..

..with luv..
..mpsn.. ^-^

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