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All I am felling today is ANGER… ANGER… ANGER….

The reason behind is ANOTHER Delhi Rape Case.. This time she’s a 5 yr old girl. What the hell has happened to our SOCIETY ?? I ask myself….. But unable to find a Answer………

May be no one can ever answer this. All I can learn from day to day cases is the Society of people is turning to Society of SICK people…..

I wish I had given the chance to redo some of Natural things. I would have Turned Human back to being Monkey. At least then we can expect the female generation a safer environments.We all say a lot…talk a lot about Women Liberation… But do u think what actually is happening ???? One of my friends said , that its not only MEN who do there are cases where WOMEN do do something like that. I asked him in what ratio ??? I mean these cases were happening from very long time. But now-a-days every day I fear to listen more nΒ  more rapes…..
It’s hard to explain the Anger in which I am ….. Just thought of blogging in, so that some of my Frustration would go Away…!!

If anyone is reading… Do comment about what do u feel…. That would take my mind out of this situation I guess..!!


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